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Forecast was an astrology show that was aired on Sahara One. The show was a mixture of two genres; it was both an astrological and a talk show. It was broadcast weekly, every Sunday at 930 pm. The serial was hosted by famous astrologer Pt. Krishna Murari Mishra. The show was also interactive, meaning that viewers called the show and asked questions, which would be answered by Pt. Murari from an astrological perspective. The show revolved around the concept that the revolution of the planets had unseen influences on life here on Earth. Every week, the planetary influences on Earth would be discussed on the show.

In a press release discussing the show, the channel said that the planets and their movements had the potential to influence both human life and also other natural phenomena occurring on the Earth. Astrology could be of use in determining the effects that these movements could have on the Earth and its inhabitants.

The serial used the format of a virtual talk show, where questions were asked to the host virtually. The questions could be forwarded by viewers via e-mail or snail mail. The serial was an effort by Sahara One to capitalise on the astrology niche in the country.


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