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Other names : Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1
Bade Acche Lagte Hai Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
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Bade Acche Lagte Hai was an Indian Television Family Drama broadcasted on Sony TV between the years 2011-2014 from Monday to Thursday at 10 PM time-slot. This daily soap was produced by Ekta Kapoor Ekta Kapoor; a legendry producer in Indian TV and >> Read More... under her production company Balaji Telefilms Limited and directed by Partho Mitra Partho Mitra is a director. Partho started his car >> Read More... and Sangieta Rao Sangieta Rao is an Indian film director who has wo >> Read More... . Lead roles played by Sakshi Tanwar Sakshi Tanwar is a leading Indian television and f >> Read More... (Priya) and Ram Kapoor Ram Kapoor is an acclaimed and renowned television >> Read More... (Ram Kapoor). ‘Bade Aache Lagte Hai’ title is inspired by the famous Hindi song.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai is a story of two people who are different in nature, but one thing is common between both that is despite of their mature age they are unmarried. Priya belongs to a middle-class family and the eldest among two siblings. She is a teacher in a coaching center whereas Ram Kapoor is a business tycoon living with his step-mother and siblings. Priya is in her 30s and don’t want to marry as the proposals she is getting is not approaching, but there is another reason she also had a failed love relationship which broke because her family doesn’t want to give heavy dowry amount. Ram’s step mother doesn’t want Ram to marry because she thinks after marriage ram will not care of his step-siblings.

Ram and Priya both are living their life in routine when a car accident changes their life. The fight over the accident hurt their egos and they had a series of misunderstandings and miscommunications and they come to know that their siblings Natasha (Ram’sister) played by Sumona Chakravarti Sumona Chakravarti is an actress and a model born >> Read More... and Kartik (Priya’s Brother) played by Mohit Malhotra Mohit, New Delhi based boy born on 4th April 1986. >> Read More... are in love. Natasha wants to marry Kartik but he doesn’t want to marry before her sister Priya as he thinks that Priya sacrificed her life for her family and her siblings. This makes Natasha crazy, Ram who loves Natasha blindly agrees to marry Priya so that Natasha and Kartik’s marriage could happen, although he thinks that Priya and her family are crazy.

He sends a proposal to Priya’s family, which creates confusion as Priya’s mother (Shipra) thinks that this proposal is for her younger daughter Ayesha, a beautiful struggling model but at the time of engagement Niharika ( Ram’s Stepmom ) does rituals with Priya which hurts Ayesha. The marriage ceremony arranged by the Sharma family makes Ram and his guests feel quite uncomfortable, but still ram helps Priya and her family to handle the situation which impresses Priya. After their marriage, Natasha and Kartik get married and Kartik wanted to attend Priya’s Bidaai ceremony but Natasha stops him. Vikram (Ram’s friend) plans with his wife Neha to send the newlywed couple on honeymoon and gifted a honeymoon trip which Ram and Priya accept and later on try to get rid of it but couldn’t. On their honeymoon trip to Australia, Ram and Priya understand each other, but still fights between them goes on.

Everything was going all right but then Natasha, who doesn’t be ready to accept the change of the life after marriage has a fight with Kartik and he loses control and slaps Natasha. This incident brings bitterness in the relationship of Ram and Priya. Later, Ram knows the truth and feels sorry for what happened. Sequence of things goes on between Ram and Priya then suddenly they realise their love for each other and they confess their love for one another. But Siddharth (Ram’s step brother) did scam in a company whose owner is Priya and she got arrested and while transferring to the jail Police van meets with an accident and she survives, she runs to her home where she finds that everyone thinks that she is dead. She then runs away from their thinking of Ram’s betterment.

After the story take a five year leap Priya lives with her Daughter Pihu in Dubai, where she works in a bookstore where Ram finds her and after a lot of misunderstandings they remarry. The story again takes a 10 year and 7 year leap and solving the problems of their daughter Pihu apart, Ram and Priya continue their life with their grown-up children.


Anusua Chowdhury Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 4 April 1995
Anusua Chowdhury
Aishwarya Sakhuja Hindi Director
DOB: 4 January 1985
Aishwarya Sakhuja
Charlie Chauhan Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 8 September 1989
Charlie Chauhan
Khushboo Kamal Hindi Supporting Actress
DOB: 13 April 1987
Khushboo Kamal
Loveleen Kaur Sasan Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 16 July 1990
Loveleen Kaur Sasan