Kavi Kumar Azad

Other names of Kavi Kumar Azad: Azad Kavi, Dr Haathi
Kavi Kumar Azad Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 12-05-1972
  • Date of death: 09-07-2018
  • Star Sign : Taurus

Kavi Kumar Azad is an actor, well known for Taarak Mehta Tarak Janubhai Mehta, better known as Taarak Mehta >> Read More... Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah and “Mela (2000)”. He comes from Bihar, India and has always wanted to be in television industry. He ran away from home at a very early age and came to Mumbai to look for roles. Then Kavi started taking minor roles and atlast got recognition through Taarak Mehta. Like his name Kavi, he is a poet in real life, an information most people don’t know. He has been expanding his poetry from many years now. He likes to spend time with his children in his free time as well as he likes to write when he is in the right mood.

He also is a guitar fan, he keeps one in his car and lets his friend play when he meets him and together they sing some of his favorite songs. He is also known as ‘Dr. Haathi” for his role in Taraak Mehta. Sadly since quite some time now he is suffering from health problems because of his very obese structure, so the actor has been hospitalized quite a few times now. These days Kavi Azad as been replaced by Nirmal Soni Nirmal Soni is an actor who is best known for his >> Read More... Nirmal Soni . Kavi has been seen playing similar roles earlier. While on screen he seems cool with his obesity, in real life the story is sadly very different. As far as the fans concern, the actor who weighs 215 kgs, is on a strict diet for he has been asked to lose weight strictly by his doctor. That means Kavi can no longer fast on his favorite sweets or non-veg dishes.

Sadly he died on 09-07-2018 due to a cardiac arrest.