Hindi Tv Serial Ghayab Aya

Gayab Aaya Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Doordarshan was the first channel to cast animated shows in India before any other channel could do so. In the 1990s itself, the show Ghayab Aya was run by Doordarshan which is actually the first animated show to be made in India and presented to viewers. This show is like one of the most famous shows that ran on the channel and viewers of this show can never forget it. It was a highly entertaining show. The serial was divided into ten parts. It revolved around the adventures of a ghost named Ghayab. The very idea of a spirit is different and something that can never attract viewers especially children.

However, this show totally changed the conception. The ghost here, Ghayab was not a scary one but rather a very good and friendly one. One can easily relate it to the Casper types who are funny and not scary in any way. Ghayab was this little white magical creature. It could transform itself into anything and also always helped people. He would not ever hesitate to help anybody in trouble. The fact that the character of the ghost was so innocent, as well as witty, made it a major attraction for the children. It was one of those shows that kids could never miss those days.

The stories were fun-filled revolving around the spook that could appear and then immediately disappear according to his wish worked for the audience. It was one of the most watched TV shows then and continues to be one of the most remembered ones. ’The show was animated and directed by Suddhasattwa Basu. Basu started his career in 1981. He worked as an illustrator and designer of the magazine named Target which was meant for children. The viewers who watched this show can never forget it. It created a new era in the world of animated films and shows in India.

One of the most loved aspects of the show is the peppy song Gaya Baya Gaya Baya Ghayab. It will continue to be one of those shows on Indian television that will always be remembered. Ghayab Aya started to telecast on 1990. Ghayab Aya as an animated television show gave birth to a number of other shows that began to become viewer’s favorites since then. The role that the channel Doordarshan has in propagating animation on Indian televisions is highly acknowledgeable. It has the importance that through this show it brought animation on the Indian screens.