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English Tv Show The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Hindi tv-shows on ZEE NEXT

This is an American humorous Television Programme, which has actor Will Smith. Will Smith is a teenager from Philadelphia who has to move to the Bel-Air mansion of his rich aunt and uncle after he gets in a fight in a basketball court in his hometown. Will Smith, a street-smart kid, has a significantly different lifestyle than his relatives who live in Bel- Air mansion and maintain a lavish lifestyle. This difference often leads to humorous clashes with Will Smith and his relatives of Bel-Air.

The show which ran for six seasons features the Banks family, who take in their relative Will after his mother freaked out about a fight involving him. The Banks family, a respected Californian family, are meant to make Will more responsible and mature, but the end result is quite different. It is funny how everyone ends up influencing each other. Each episode of the show will make the viewers laugh out loud.

The wonderful acting from the cast, the excellently written witty one-liners and joking between two characters makes every part of this show seem magical and fir perfectly together. The wild, amusing and hilarious adventures of Will Smith and the Banks family will crack up everyone. This show is simply the best comedy of all time and an amazing watch to kill time.