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30 Rock Season 2 English TV SHOWS on NBC

Season two of the American comedy TV series 30 Rock, consists of 15 episodes. The show originally aired on NBC America, between 4 October 2007 and 8 May 2008. After the season had ended, it received overwhelming support from both critics and viewers alike, which for the time being, made it look like the best show on television. Season two was nominated for seventeen Emmy Awards, breaking the record for the most number of nominations for a sit-com. Season two began with Jerry Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld was born on April 29 1954 in New Yo >> Read More... threatening Jack after Jerry learns that he was planning to insert Jerry digitally into every single one of NBC's programs.

Liz is busy a wedding dress for herself even after she knows that her chances of getting married are really slim. Meanwhile, Kenneth is busy making up a plan to make Tracy envy his beautiful wife. Jenna, after a lot of hard work, has finally found a way to use her height and weight to her advantage. Jack has somehow managed to get himself considered for the running of G.E. Chairmanship. For this purpose, he has hired a private detective to discover all the dirty secrets of the company, which can be advantageous to him.

Jenna is depressed because, although she is making money, she now realises that she starts losing her weight as soon as she gets happy. Jack slept with a Democrat who is campaigning against one of NBC's subsidiaries. Liz is starting to suspect her neighbour is related to a terrorist organisation. Kenneth plans to gift Jack a nice pair of pants. The cast is excited to watch the season finale of “MILF Island” but Liz is worried about how to confront Jack with the truth that, she was the person who made bad comments about him to the journalist.

Jack is having his career on the line. Liz is going through mid-life crises, after her old boyfriend drops by to spend a day with her. The guys confront the Teamsters in order to take away a sandwich for their beloved Liz. Liz tested positive for pregnancy, and she fears that Dennis is the father. Jack is worried after he took up the Homeland Security top brass position. Kenneth is trying hard to secure a job at the Olympics, and Tracy has published his online game.