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English Tv Serial Born Lucky

Born Lucky English Tv serials

Born Lucky was a game show conducted in the American Channel Life Time. It’s a game Show and the contestants are selected from the Public areas where the people are crowded. The Contestants are asked to play few Brain games and stunt like stuff. After completion of several rounds, winner gets small amount of money to be spent in the mall or a shop. This money is known as ‘Mall Money’. Scott A. Stone and David G. Stanley are the Producers of this Show. The Prize Money differs from 100$ to 2000$ according to the rounds.

Following a chain of commands in a Particular time or moving an object using magnet are all some games played by the contestants. The First Episode of this show was shot in Glendale Galleria in California. The First Episode was broadcasted on 5th October 1992. The Show ran successfully for two years and aired its last episode on April 2nd 1993. The show again started on 31 December 1993. Bob Goen A familiar face for entertainment on the screens o >> Read More... and Jonathan Coleman Having taking birth in Hackney in London, Jonathan >> Read More... hosted the Show. There are three rounds in the show and in the first round 4 contestants take part. In the Second round, the number of contestants will be reduced to 2. The Winner of the Second round gets a chance to play the Bonus round. This Bonus Round consists of 5 stunts worth 100$ each and by winning all the Stunts can give them the Prize money of 2000$. For a brief Period in the year 2000 PAX Channel broadcasted this Series.


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