English Tv Serial Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond English TV SERIALS on CBS

Everybody loves Raymond is an American sitcom broadcast on CBS Tv channel. With almost nine seasons aboard, this serial was a raging success from the time it released. It is a simple story with powerful characters. This serial depicts the life of Raymond Barone, a successful sports column writer in the newspaper and his everyday struggles with his family, wife, and kids. He has got a set of obnoxious, overbearing parents who interfere in his life in every possible way. He wonders why he bought a house so close to his parents who disrupt the neighborhood, disturb everyone and people blame Ray. Ray has got a beautiful wife and three children. He also has a jealous, over competitive brother who Ray thinks is more handsome and more everything than him.

Debra, his wife, fights over small things but in the end, make it up to each other. He has even dressed up and put on loads of makeup to impress his wife. Ray always wants to be there for his children. He keeps on improving himself at his fatherly duties. He leaves his basketball sessions to be there for Debra and the children. Debra wants to impress her mother in law. But Ray’s mother prefers Robert’s wife as she, as her mother quotes is a better person than Debra. When Ray’s parents fight, her mother comes to live with them. She makes his life much more difficult. His father is enjoying his single life way too much so he refuses to amend his mistake. Ray becomes very surprised when he finds out that Debra does not want kids. He is shocked that Debra took that decision without even asking him. He sometimes thinks that Debra said yes to marry him under pressure from the rest of the family.

From a guest who would not waver from their house to learning that Debra was one of the bullies in school who ragged nerdy kids like him, the rest of the seasons are as thrilling and shocking as the first one. Despite fights, they both love each other. The next season includes Ray’s children growing up and he is an awesome father.