Bengali Tv Serial Bhanumotir Khel

Bhanumotir Khel Bengali TV SERIALS on Zee Bangla

Bhanumotir Khel is a Bengali television show that was premiered on Zee Bangla on 8 January 2018. Subrata Roy produced this series. The leading character role was played by Shreyosree Roy and Rubel Das. It replaced Baksho Bodol. This show lasts on 14 June 2019. Meghraj and Bhanumoti were traveling, and suddenly the air crash took place, and they both were being apart into the different spaces-. After this incident, they manage to live in the various locations they fall off. Their daughter Bhelki was grown up with Bhanumoti, Bhelki is also a street magician who used to take all the responsibility of her ailing mother and fight against all odds. Accidentally Bhelki comes across Meghraj several times, unknowingly that Bhelki isher daughter.

The opponent Mohini Sarkar got influenced by the magic of Bhelki and paid a lot of money to take Bheki to their house Jaadumahal. Just before the day of performing magic, Mohini makes Bheki and her mother stayed in a renowned hotel in the town where coincidentally, Meghraj and Ahona (Megh’s secretary) also come for dinner. Will Meghraj meet Bhanumotiand start living their life together again? Shreyosree Roy plays the role of Bhanumoti Sarkar. Rubel Das plays the role of Meghraj Sarkar. Mafin Chakraborty plays the role of Nikita. Debaparna Chakraborty plays the role of Maya. Rupsha Chatterjee plays the role of Mohini. Madhubani Goswami plays the role ofAhana. Tanisha Ganguly plays the role of Bheki, Bhanu's daughter.