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Kark Rogue Hindi WEB SERIES on ZEE5

Kark Rogue is a Hindi crime thriller web series broadcast on the Zee 5 channel. Set up primarily in Kolkata, the story starts from untimely deaths of a series of citizens of Kolkata, one after another. Beas Banerjee, the female lead character of this movie is an autopsy surgeon. She is also suffering from breast cancer and has to get operated. The first death is of a lady named Dr. Indulekha Agarwal. She gets mauled by a big car. Two motorcyclists were following her and as soon as she gets hit they steal something from her. The inspector, Barur Sarkar present on the crime scene finds a diary near the dead body but when Ravikanth Agarwal, the husband of the dead woman, comes to ask if anything was found near his wife’s body, the inspector refuses and lies. The second death is of the family of an ex-government employee. The car in which the family was traveling is targeted by the same group of motorcyclists which were present at the time of death of the first targeted woman. The autopsy begins. Beas finds something weird in the body and sends it for examination.

Despite her cancer, she continues her duty. The third target is a young suicidal man who drowns in a river, leaving a suicide note on his table. This man was a national level swimmer. This rouses the suspicions of Beas, who discusses with her friend, Barur about this. He finds nothing wrong and claims that all the incidents are just accidents. The media claims that these are suicide attempts while some say they are murders. A new name emerges amongst all these rumors.

A few years ago, a doctor named Soumitra Sengupta had conducted a drug trial. A few of her patients who participated were found dead under mysterious circumstances. Now the latest theory regarding these deaths is of drugs. But Beas herself is very close to uncovering the truth without even knowing it. She has discovered that all these dead bodies have something in common ie, they have Lymphoma, a disease caused by genetic changes in the cells. It is a kind of cancer. Beas also suffers from cancer. Then what is so different about the disease these dead people had? Beas’s personal experience with cancer gives her power and knowledge which helps her unearth the truth. All these deaths take place within seven days. Beas confronts Ravikanth, who then with the help of one another, finds a list of eighteen people, seventeen of whom are already dead. They also uncover a drug trial near Tajpur. Barur tries to eliminate Beas by hiring professional shooters. Will she escape the attack and find the connection between these deaths and drug trials? To find this watch the series Kark Rogue.


Saheb Bhattacharya Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 17 November 1985
Saheb Bhattacharya
Monami Ghosh Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 13 July 1984
Monami Ghosh
Moon Moon Sen Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 28 March 1954
Moon Moon Sen
Ridhima Ghosh Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 18 January 1990
Ridhima Ghosh