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Bengali Child Artist Tanisha Ganguly
  • Gender : Female
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Tanisha Ganguly is a child actress who has worked for Bengali TV. Her ancestry belongs to West Bengal, and she was raised in the same state. She has worked on at least three Bengali TV series. One of her famous Bengali TV series, Soudaminir Sansar Soudaminir Sansar is a Bengali-language television >> Read More... , has also been released in Odia language, where she has the same cast and role. In the TV series, she portrayed the role of Chorki Mukherjee, Dhana and Phuli's daughter. Besides this, Tanisha Ganguly acted in another famous Bengali TV series, Bhanumotir Khel. In this TV series, she portrays the leading role and plays the character of Bhelki, Bhanu's daughter.


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