Mafin Chakraborty is a famous actress. She starred in the supernatural drama ' Nishir Daak Story Soon >> Read More... Nishir Daak .' She also featured in ' Tapur Tupur Story Soon >> Read More... Tapur Tupur .’ Mafin portrayed a fascinating character in a film. She played Nishi's nasty sidekick. She also featured in the Bengali daily soap 'Tapur Tupur.' Chakraborty is a notable Bengali television personality. She featured in several well-known shows, including 'Tobu Mone Rekho,' 'Tumi Ele Tai,' and several others.

'Nishir Daak,' a famous show, digs into Nishi's ancient beliefs. This show beautifully narrates the eternal conflict between good and evil. Sreemoyee (' Tumpa Ghosh Tumpa Ghosh is an Indian-origin actress who primar >> Read More... Tumpa Ghosh '), her adopted daughter Tara (' Sukanya Sukanya is a drama show which came on the channel >> Read More... Sukanya '), and Nishi ('Sairity Chatterjee') are the central characters in the show. ' Shoumo Banerjee Shoumo Banerjee is an actor. He is famous for his >> Read More... Shoumo Banerjee ' played the male protagonist in this show.

She worked in the Bengali television serial 'Tapur Tupur,' which was telecast on Star Jalsha. The show first aired on 14th February 2011. The drama’s final episode was telecast on 2nd November 2013. "Tapur Tapur' was afterwards replaced by 'Bojhena Se Bojhena.' 'Tapur Tupur' is a story about two sisters who. They aimed to keep their family together. Both have different perspectives on life but. But, they value their families' love and care. The plot is centered on two sisters. They are opposite in personalities. Both the sisters have opposing personalities. While one sister is extroverted and conversational, while the other is reserved and calm. One is materialistic and feels that money can buy anything, but the other believes love and affection are the real wealth. Nevertheless, they share a deep bond despite differing personalities. Chakraborty portrayed the character of Payel in the show and did an. She performed an excellent job and her performance was praised by the audience and critics alike.The lead cast of 'Tapur Tapur' includes renowned actors like 'Sandipta Sen' (Tapur), 'Siraj Mishra' (Sandip), 'Manoj Ojha' (Rahul), 'Shaan Kumar' (Srijato), 'Badshah Maitra' (Ronojoy), and 'Dolon Roy' (Ronojoy’s late wife). 'Arun Banerjee' (Tapur and Tupur’s father), 'Sudipa Basu' (Gayatri Chowdhury), 'Arindya Banerjee' (Munna), 'Sabitri Chatterjee' (Ronojoy’s grandmother), and 'Joysree Mukherjee' (Putu) also featured in the series.

Mafin also appeared in " Kiranmala Kiranmala is a Bengali fantasy television series. >> Read More... Kiranmala ,' a Bengali-language television series. 'Kiranmala' aired on Star Jalsha from 4th August 2014 until 19th November 2016. '“Surinder Films'” produced the TV show. The drama starred ' Farhan Imroze Farhan Imroze is a talented Indian television acto >> Read More... Farhan Imroze ', ' Rukma Roy Rukma Roy or Rooqma Roy is an actress of Indian or >> Read More... Rukma Roy ', and ' Chandrayee Ghosh Chandrayee Ghosh is an Indian model and actress wh >> Read More... Chandrayee Ghosh '. '“Kiranmala'” was based on traditional folktales collected by 'Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumder' in Thakurmar Jhuli. Star Vijay broadcasted a Tamil-dubbed version of the series and Tarang TV broadcasted an Odisha-dubbed performance. ChakrabortyMafin played Maya Pari or Maya Arshi in 'Kiranmala.' She received a lot of praise for her role. The lead cast of 'Kiranmala' includes renowned actors like 'Rukma Roy' (Rajkumari Kiranmala), ' Kaushik Chakraborty Kaushik Chakraborty is an actor, producer, and mus >> Read More... Kaushik Chakraborty ' (Raja Bijoy), ' Chaitali Chakraborty Chaitali Chakraborty is an Indian TV actress who w >> Read More... Chaitali Chakraborty ' (Pyakati), ' Arjun Chakraborty Arjun Chakraborty is an Indian film actor and dire >> Read More... Arjun Chakraborty ' (Nakula), 'Indradev Banerjee' (Barun), and ' Anirban Bhattacharya Anirban Bhattacharya is an Indian-actor. He is a s >> Read More... Anirban Bhattacharya ' (Kaal Tapaswi).