V Samudra directed Jai Sena. The film has Meka Srikanth, Taraka Ratna, Sunil Varma, Ajay Ghosh, Preeti Sharma, Prudhviraj, Chammak Chandra and Madhusudhan Ra

Jai Sena Movie Review

Jai Sena Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Jai Sena"
Runtime: TBC
Certificate: UA
Released: 29-01-2021
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0



V Samudra directed Jai Sena Click to look into! >> Read More... Jai Sena . The film has Meka Srikanth Meka Srikanth, born in Gangavathi, Karnataka (23 M >> Read More... Meka Srikanth , Taraka Ratna Taraka Ratna whose full name is Taraka Ratna Ramar >> Read More... Taraka Ratna , Sunil Varma Sunil Varma is a Telugu actor and comedian, widely >> Read More... Sunil Varma , Ajay Ghosh Ajay Gosh is an Indian actor who works in the Telu >> Read More... Ajay Ghosh , Preeti Sharma She is an Indian actress in the film industry. Als >> Read More... Preeti Sharma , “Prudhviraj,” Chammak Chandra Chammak Chandra, popularly known for his female ro >> Read More... Chammak Chandra and Madhusudhan Rao Madusudhan Rao is a very popular Tamil and Telugu >> Read More... Madhusudhan Rao in the cast. Karthikeya, Abhiram, Praveen and Harish Gautam play the lead roles and this is their debut film. Sai Arunkumar produced the film. Editing is by Nandamuri Hari and the music composition is by Ravishankar.


Four agricultural engineering students wanted to help the farmers with the latest techniques in farming. They approach the concerned Minister for this, but the Minister didn’t support their ideologies and sends them out. The youngsters decided to loot the Minister’s bank balance to use it for the agricultural project. As per their plans, they loot his money from Bank, which is unaccounted for. Devadas, a tough cop, deals with the case. How do the students escape? Were they able to serve the farmers? The answers form the rest of the story.

Star Performance

The lead stars did a good job. Sunil is quite decent in his role. Prudhvi’s comedy is not so bad. Srikanth and Tarakaratna appear in cameo roles.


The film has a decent story base that deals with the farmers. It showcases how they are important and how the youngsters should involve in helping the farmers, thereby serving the nation. However, the screenplay is not much impressive. College scenes are not up to the mark. The second half of the film is quite better than the first half. Cinematography is okayish. Music should have been better. Editing should have been better. Some scenes are hanging and before it gets completed, the next sequence enters in.

What’s There?

  • Story is good
  • Stars’ performance is decent.

What’s Not There?

  • The first half is not much impressive.
  • Editing is average


With a good story, Samudra has come with the hope that it would reach the audience widely. If the screenplay and direction had been better, then it would have got a better reach. Many would have watched it for Srikanth and Sunil. That’s good support for the film.