Taraka Ratna

Other names of Taraka Ratna: Nandamuri-Tarakaratna, Nandamuri Tarakaratna, Taraka Ratna Ramarao Nandamuri

Taraka Ratna whose full name is Taraka Ratna Ramarao Nandamuri is a famous and very well-known film actor in Tollywood. He was born on 22 of February 1983 to the very humble parent called Mohankrishna Nandamuri. He is of 33 years old now. He got married to Alekhya Reddy recently in the year 2012. As he belongs to the most famous and renowned Nandamuri family, his family consists of many successful people such as N. T. Ramarao Jr, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is an actor, who works predom >> Read More... Nandamuri Kalyan Ram , Nandamuri Balakrishna Nandamuri Balakrishna usually called as Nata Simha >> Read More... Nandamuri Balakrishna , Nandamuri Hari Krishna and many. He has acted in many Telugu movies and is very respected.

He is a good human being as well as very humble. He also received Nandi award for the great negative role that he played in the movie called "Amaravathi". Another Version of this Bio… Taraka Ratna is an established Telugu film actor who shook the entire big screen with his talent. Taraka was born on February 22nd, 1983. He has been rocking the film industry since the year 2002 and has never failed to amaze his audience.

The way he faces challenges to bring out the various emotions of hidden characters distinctly amazes everyone, including his co-stars. Taraka is a talented actor who can take up any role within a split second. Being a calm person, he can stay composed during any event. And so, he is also able to accept any character to its fullness. He can be described as an empty vessel which can easily take in any complex or easy role quickly. A quick and adaptable character such as his, Taraka has been able to do some different roles. Taraka has seen to have completed a long list of movies. In all of these films, Taraka Ratna has put forth his best performances. He somehow comes out with an even better acting skill in his next movie.

He has been appreciated for his masterpiece “Amaravathi”, which was released in the year 2009. He was awarded the Nandi Award for Best Villain. In the film, he played a negative character named Shrinu. Shrinu is the son of a maid who works in a big landlord’s house. The landlord’s daughter and Shrinu fall in love, and learning about this, the maid gets murdered and Shrinu’s throat is slit and he is thrown into a river.

Years later, the city is baffled by the stealing of newly born children from the grasps of their bleeding mothers. Through an exciting investigation, the officer learns that it is Shrinu who is behind these. The movie continues to show how Shrinu is put under. Through such interesting films, Taraka Ratna continues to amaze his audience.

Another Version Of Bio :

Taraka Ratna is one of the exceptional actors, renowned as a villain, in the Telugu Cinema. He is known much for his work in the Telugu films. The career of Taraka has seen an easy start and although his first film has not created any magic on box office yet his acting abilities were noticed and praised. He has his first break in the form of a Telugu film Okato Number Kurradu (2002). Taraka Ratna or Taraka Ratna Ramarao Nandamuri was born on 22 February 1983 and did his schooling in Chennai. He is the son of Mohan Krishna Nandamuri, an Indian film Producer predominantly known for his work in Telugu movie industry, comprising some of the highlighted works like Goppinti Alludu (2000) and Venkatadri (2007). He is also the grandson of N.T. Rama Rao, an Indian Actor, Director, Producer, Editor and Politician who served Andhra Pradesh as Chief Minister.

Taraka Ratna is married to Alekhya Reddy on 2 August 2012, against the wishes of their families. Nandamuri started his acting career from Okato Number Kurradu (2002), starring along with Rekha, Sunil and Chitram Sreenu as lead roles. Although the movie was not economically much successful yet it paved a good path for Taraka Ratna. His starred in Yuvaratna, a Romance genre movie, along with Sudha, Chandra Mohan Chandra Mohan was born on 23rd May 1945 in Pammidi >> Read More... Chandra Mohan , and Sana in the same year. It was widely liked by the audience and hence added another feather in the cap of Taraka Ratna. He worked in several other movies like Tarak (2003), Bhadradri Ramudu (2004), No (2004) and Venkatadri (2009) in the lead roles. He enjoyed every privilege of being the grandson of N.T. Rama Rao, and these movie lineups although had not created much push to his career but they do have sharpened the acting skills of Nandamuri.

He was cast of Amaravathi (2009), a Telugu thriller film, in a negative role along with Ravi Babu Ravi Babu (Allari Ravi Babu), is a smart, talented >> Read More... Ravi Babu , Sneha, Bhumika Chawla Bhumika Chawla or Rachna Chawla is an Indian actre >> Read More... Bhumika Chawla and Sindhura Gadde Sindhura Gadde was born in Vijayawada, the small d >> Read More... Sindhura Gadde . Both critics and audience have widely appreciated the movie. Amaravathi has given Nandamuri the most remarkable success and helped him bagging the Nandi Award for Best Villain. After the great success of Amaravathi, Taraka Ratna was a cast of Mukkanti (2010) which has not shown much spark and eventually his next starrer Nandeeswarudu (2011), a remake of the Kannada film Deadly Soma (2005), was recorded as a flop at the box-office. Nandeeswarudu along with the further movies such as Choodaalani Cheppaalani (2012) has shaken the roots of Nandamuri as mainstream roles in Telugu movie industry.

He was a further cast of various movies like Eduru leni Alexander (2012), Vijeta (2012), Maha Bhakta Siriyala (2014), Daya (2015) and Kakatheeyudu (2015).The films have not cooked much in favor of the Nandamuri all through these years. After some tough year,s the things started going for Tarak Ratna when he was finally cast for Manamantha (2016), a Telugu drama film, he was cast along with Mohanlal, Gautami, L.B. Sriram and Brahmaji. The film was a worldwide release and managed to gain a decent success and hence helped Ratna to pull back his hold on his career.