Top 10 Actors Who Got Disappeared From Tollywood

Top 10 Actors Who Got Disappeared From Tollywood Telugu Article

1. Venu Thottempudi One of the good looking South Indian actor's i >> Read More... Venu Thottempudi

 Venu Tottempudi is one the most talented actors of Tollywood who mostly acts in comedy movies as the lead actor. He is well known for his comic action and expressions. His debut film was Swayamvaram in the year 1999, which was the biggest blockbuster, then he came forward with many super hit films like Chiru Navvuto, Hanuman Junction, Gopi Gopika Godavari and much more. He discontinued from Tollywood after acting in Ramachari in the year 2013.


2. Vadde Naveen Vadde Naveen is a Telugu cinema Actor, which is a >> Read More... Vadde Naveen

Vadde Naveen, son of Vadde Ramesh Vadde Ramesh was a film producer by profession in >> Read More... Vadde Ramesh who was a movie producer, was a well-known actor for his works in Tollywood. He often works in emotional drama films. He began his career with the movie Korukunna Priyudu in the year 1997 and then after he played many characters as the lead actor in the films Pelli, Ayodhya, Cheppalani Vundhi, Naa Oopiri and much more. He was awarded Nandi Special Jury Award for the movie Naa Oopiri in the year 2006. He vanished from Tollywood with the film Srimati Kalyanam in the year 2010 and later on came back with the movie Attack in 2016.


3. Jai Akash Jai Akash is known for his roles in Tamil and Telu >> Read More... Jai Akash


Sathish Nageswaran popularly known as Jai Akash with his screen name was a Sri Lankan-Indian actor who well known in Tamil and Telugu film industries. He was a performing artist as well as a film director. His debut film was Ramma Chilakamma in the year 1999 and then acted in many blockbuster films like Anandam, Vasantham, Andala Ramudu and much more. His last film was Aa Iddaru in the year 2013 in Tollywood.

4. Taraka Ratna Taraka Ratna whose full name is Taraka Ratna Ramar >> Read More... Taraka Ratna


Taraka Ratna is one the most energetic actors of Tollywood. His debut film was Yuvaratna in the year 2002. He acted in many films like Bhadradri Ramudu, Amaravathi, Nandeeswarudu and much more. He was awarded Nandi Award for his outstanding action in a negative role in the film Amaravthi in the year 2009. He disappeared from Tollywood with Daya in the year 2015.

5. Sumanth


Sumanth is one of the simplest actors of Tollywood. He majored in films in Columbia University, Chicago and was selected in Dean’s list for his merit in academics. He began his acting career with the film Prema Katha Click to look into! >> Read More... Prema Katha in the year 1999. He acted as a lead actor in many movies like SnehamanteIdera, Godavari, Golkonda High School and much more. He slowly vanished from Tollywood with the film Naruda Donaruda in the year 2016.


6. Raja Abel Raja Abel is a well-known face in the Telugu film >> Read More... Raja Abel


 Raja is one of the most handsome actors of Tollywood and well known for his works in Telugu Cinemas. His debut film was O Chinnadana, in which he acted with Srikanth in the year 2002 which was the biggest blockbuster of Tollywood. He acted in many super hit movie like Anand, Style, Bangaaram and much more. He got diluted from Tollywood in the year 2013.

7. Sneha Ullal Sneha Ullal is a very popular Film actress known f >> Read More... Sneha Ullal

Sneha Ullal, famed actress of Tollywood known for her acting in the films Ullasamga Utsahamga, Simha, Current, and in many blockbuster movies. She played a guest role in the films King and Varudu. She disappeared from Tollywood with the film Antha Nee Mayalo in the year 2014.

8. Deeksha Seth Deeksha Seth was born in 14 February 1990 in Delhi >> Read More... Deeksha Seth

Deeksha Seth is one of the gorgeous actresses of Tollywood. She was the finalist in Femina Miss India in the year 2009. Deeksha Seth began her acting career with the film Vedam in the year 2010. She acted in Tollywood films like Mirapakaay, Wanted, Nippu, Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara, and Rebel. She vanished from Tollywood in the year 2012 after acting in the movie Rebel.

9. Bhanu Sri Mehra Bhanushree Mehra, who is an Indian movie artist, h >> Read More... Bhanu Sri Mehra

Bhanu Sri Mehra, the actress of Tollywood well known with her debut film Varudu, which was directed by Gunasekhar in the year 2010. She also acted in the films Ding Dong Bell, Govindhudu Adarivaadele, Brother of Bommali, and Ala Ela. She stopped acting in Tollywood in the year 2014 with the film Ala Ela.

10. Shamili

Shamili was well known for her exceptional acting in Tollywood. She played the role of a child artist in several movies in many languages. Her debut film was Anjali in the year 1990 in which she acted as a child artist. As a lead actress, she acted in the film Oye in the year 2009 and never came back to Tollywood.