Thiruttu VCD is a thriller movie where VCD is an acronym for the names of its three lead characters as Vinod Chinna and Dilli The Director Sukumar tried to pu

Thirutu VCD Movie Review

Thirutu VCD Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Thirutu VCD"
Runtime: 2 Hours 03 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 24-09-2015
Genre: Comedy, Drama
2.5 / 5.0



Thiruttu VCD is a thriller movie, where VCD is an acronym for the names of its three lead characters as Vinod, Chinna and Dilli.The Director Sukumar tried to put his magic in this film, but unfortunately it wasn't able to do much. The film folds the character of Vinod, who is involved in smuggling business, but wants to quit to lead a better life for himself and his girlfriend.


The story rolls around Vinod, a conman, who promised a big amount of money by smuggling an idol to Chennai from Tuticorn. In a few early scenes where Vinod (Prabha) is shown as a conman. With the help of his two friends Chinna and Dilli, on a roadside vendor of idols, Vinod plans a way to bring the idol. He hires a TV actress and a small time model to execute the plan, to pose them as a family travelling to the place of pilgrimage. The rest of the part is about bringing the idol from the godown. In the end, he decides that he would quit this pity job after this deal, as his girlfriend (Sakshi Agarwal) always wanted him to earn in righteous way. So he decides to quit this business, and looks for a new good job. While completing his last deal, he has to deal with local don group, to hand over the idol to them .At last instant when he went to bring the statue, he learns that it was not an idol, but it’s a drug. The rest of the story is about bringing the statue safely, and about the adventure and thrill he pursues.

Star Performance:

Actress Devadharshini’s performed marvellously and took lots of appreciation from the audience on the big picture. Prabha has a neutral role and is pretty good in his role. Actor Senthil made his comeback after a very long time and he is just okay.

What's there :-

Comedy and the comic timing of the casts are synchronized nicely. Thriller content of the movie is heavy and efficiently delivered. Screenplay of the film is served excellently. Cinematography is magnificent.

What's not:-

Due to having too much travelling scene, certain parts of the movie are stretched too much. There is not much entertaining section during the first half of the movie. The flow in the movie is not justified.

Verdict :

Thiruttu VCD is an action and comedy simultaneously. Dialogues are neutral. The action part of the flick is also appreciable. Due to an engaging plot, The Director failed to percept it in an interesting way. If you are looking for a one time entertainer movie, then this one is for you!!!!