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DA Vasanth

D. A. Vasanth is a music director and a background music artist in the Indian film industry. His work is mainly seen in the South Indian Tamil and Telugu films. He hails from the states of the Southern parts of India. He worked in the films KadhalIlavasan and Kooppaadu. Through the film “KadhalIlavasan,” he got an opportunity to showcase his talent to the world. He composed its background music. He worked under the direction of the multi-talented director S. R. Balakrishnan who was also its screenwriter, story writer, dialogue writer, and lyricist and the production of Raghavendra Rajakumar. The music director was M Seelan. It was a Tamil romantic drama that released in the Indian cinemas on 8th of May in 2015. Being a part of the film, he also had the chance to meet and work with the stars B. Ganesh and Jsmitha who were the main leads of this movie. Its plot was based on the love story of two youngsters who are college students. Its story is just like any other love drama, so it could not catch much attention from the audience and received poor ratings on social media also. Hence, this movie came out to be a bad part for his career as it could not give any contribution to the enhancement of his music journey. He has also worked in many short films. One of them to be named is “Kooppaadu” in which he worked as a music composer along with the Tamil director Duraikasibala and the co-directors Manivel Nagarajan and Saravanan. Its producer was Arul Lakshmanan, and the executive producer was Manivel Nagarajan. He was the only music composer for the film and worked independently in its music department. The cast members were KanagarajKathir who played the role of Tamizh, Suma Poojari who played Ameera, and Vignesh Deva who enacted as SaarayaVyabari. It is a 2018 Tamil drama that shows the story of a farmer who leads a simple life with his loving wife. His life is full of struggles due to his profession of a farmer. The movie brings out the feelings and love that prevails between the lovely couple. This film received very good reviews from the audience and became a big hit. It was a very good turn for his music career that gave him lots of success and large hopes plus determination and motivation to achieve more.

DA Vasanth Tamil Actor