Utharavu Maharaja is a psychological thriller scripted and directed by Asif Kuraishi. The film has the star cast of Udhaya, Prabhu, Nassar, Priyanka, Kova

Utharavu Maharaja Movie Review

Utharavu Maharaja Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Utharavu Maharaja"
Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 16-11-2018
Genre: Drama
2 / 5.0



Utharavu Maharaja Click to look into! >> Read More... Utharavu Maharaja is a psychological thriller scripted and directed by Asif Kuraishi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Asif Kuraishi . The film has the star cast of “ Udhaya Udhaya is a South Indian film actor who acts prima >> Read More... Udhaya ,” “ Prabhu Prabhu Ganesan or better known as Prabhu is a prom >> Read More... Prabhu ,” " Nassar Nassar is one of the multi talented actors in the >> Read More... Nassar ," Priyanka, Kovai Sarala Kovai Sarala is an actress who acted in more than >> Read More... Kovai Sarala , Kutty Padmini Actress Kutty Padmini was a child artist in black >> Read More... Kutty Padmini , “ G Dhananjayan Born on May 14, 1965 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, G. Dh >> Read More... G Dhananjayan ,” MS Bhaskar and “ Manobala Comedy is the forte of Manobala (Manobala Mahadeva >> Read More... Manobala .” Udhaya produced the film under the banner Jaeshan Studios. Naren Balakumar Lakshminarayanan Balakumar popularly known as Nare >> Read More... Naren Balakumar is the music director. Balaji Ranga is the cinematographer and Don Bosco V Don Bosco is Tamil film industry editor turned d >> Read More... Don Bosco is the editor.


Ravi is a Dhobi’s son. He suffers from dissociative identity disorder, after an incident in his childhood. He finds himself missing from home for a month, after waking up at night. He hears a command inside, which directs him to do things, which he not even knows. Years roll on and Ravi is now a youngster. He gets stuck in a huge controversy that he had looted Rs 400 crore from a businessman, but not in his original name. Later, Dr Arun Bose Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Arun Bose comes in to solve the issue. Did he resolve the issue? Who is Arun Bose and what is the connection between Arun and Ravi? Watch the film in theaters!

Star Performance

Udhaya had exposed all his acting skills and tried a lot to compete with Prabhu, who has always been perfect in emoting. But, it didn’t help him, as his expressions are not natural. He has overacted a bit in certain scenes. MS Bhaskar has done his best.


The debutant director Asif has tried his level best to make his debut a remarkable one. The script is interesting, but when it is narrated, it loses its grip. The sub-plots are not developed well and the characters too. The flashback scenes bring in a grip at a point, but we lose it as soon as we enter into the contemporary story. The director should have at least pulled down Udhaya during his exaggerated performance. The music turns louder in the middle of the film and the audiences feel irritated.

What’s There?

  • Star value is high in this film that pulls the audiences
  • The script looks excellent

What’s Not There?

  • Overdosed performances
  • Screenplay and execution needs expertise
  • The BGM didn’t gel with the script


Although the film has a lot of stars, due to the half-baked subplots and the poorly developed characters, the film didn’t impress the audiences. Although, it is not much impressive, if you are a person who is interested in a different genre, then you could try Utharavu Maharaja.