Madhumita born with passion of director and a writer. Her place of birth is Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. She was born in Chennai but grew up in Indonesia. For her further studies he moved to Singapore for college, and after that, she did masters in Los Angeles, USA. Married to Vijay Venkataraman who is also a freelance editor. Madhumitha is a Tamil film director. While she was studying in Singapore, she made some of the short films which were hugely appreciated. Some of the films won best world category in BBC whereas she was honored by Singapore student award. While she was in USA, she worked with Pirates of Caribbean before returning to Chennai and thereafter start her journey for a film director. She was also offered work for universal studios as a creative director for a television show, but she chooses India.

Some of her debut films were romantic drama naming as Vallamai Tharayo . Thereafter film just completed its 100 days run at box office in spite of many mixed reviews. After that, an award for its best family was given upon Nadu state film which was rewarded in 2008. Hence the awarded film was also screened at many of the various international film festivals which may further include Newport Beach Film Festival in Los Angeles. She was having two films in the year 2015 a “moodu mukkallo cheppalante and moone moonu varthai .’’ She is registred with the ministry of corporate affairs. Hence in November 2008, she was associated with GJ multimedia India private limited as a position of director. Her experience of making “vallamai thaaraayo” was little terrific. Where she developed the screenplay .

She was apprehensioned about working with professional actors and so. Madhumita was very horrified wether they will take instructions from a director who is making the debut. There was no gender discrimination so she was all planned with the work. She spent more time on pre- production work and hence completed all work within the deadline. She came in controversy in 2015 in mumbai where she stayed back for animals as a bunch of three people began networking thereby in two or day there were around 150 peoples to go for rescues and feed the dogs. One of the moment became very memorable for me when my parents flew down all away from Indonesia to watch my screening of Warner bros. Then and there my parents realized me a promising director. She would be starting with Tamil and more of Telugu films soon.

Gokul Director

Gokul is a prominent name in the Tamil Film Industry. He is a Film Director and also a Screenplay writer. He is associated with Tamil Cinema since 2011 and has given us some good movies. Gokul was born and brought up in Chennai. He is also a lawyer by profession. He is considered to be a brilliant director by many. He is known for directing movies which involves characters that don’t go with the social norms. He also has the capability to handle films, with more than one genres. He has given life to many interesting stories on Tamil Silver screen. Gokul made his directorial debut with the movie,’Rowthiram,’ featuring Jiiva and Shriya as the lead role. This movie had amazing cinematography and stunt choreography.It was Dubbed in Telugu bearing the title,’Roudram’ and in Hindi as ‘Nirbhay.’Both the Dubbed films were also received well by the people. The brilliant performances of the actors were appreciated by the critics and as well as the audiences. The movie had an anti-climax scene when it had a theatrical release, and following its bad reviews, its climax was changed and re-released later on. This setback did not manage to keep his ambitions down, and he came back strongly with his next film,’Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Bal kumara’. This movie included an ensemble star cast, including Vijay Sethupati, Ashwin Kakumanu, Swathi Reddy and Nandita in the lead roles. This film also included Pasupathy, MS Bhaskar, Soori & VS Raghavan in Prominent roles. The film was produced by Leo Visions. It received excellent reviews from critics as well as from audiences. It was widely appreciated for its hilarious and unexpected dialogues and its intervening plot line. This comedy flick came into limelight for its hilarious comedy scenes, and a social message. The movie was in the nominated list for Best Dialogues, in the Vijay Award. His latest film,’kaashmora,’produced at a high budget includes, Karthi, Nayantara, Sri Divya and Vivek was released in 2016. It’s Producers included S.R Prakashbabu and S.R Prabhu. It was received well by the audiences for its visual effects and screenplay. It has received excellent reviews because of brilliant direction and impressive acting skills displayed by the lead role Karthi. It had amazing Graphics and visual effects. Gokul is still new in the Tamil Cinema but has left no stone unturned to achieve excellence through sheer determination and creativity.

Gokul Director Tamil Actor