Plot Eli is the latest movie by Vadivelu which has no room to seriousness Full of fun and comedy Vadivelu tries to get back his place The story of Eli is a

Eli Movie Review

Eli Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Eli "
Runtime: 2 Hours 34 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 19-06-2015
Genre: Comedy
2.2 / 5.0

Plot: Eli is the latest movie by Vadivelu, which has no room to seriousness. Full of fun and comedy, Vadivelu tries to get back his place. The story of Eli is about a petty thief, Vadivelu, who is requested to find out the smugglers with right proof. This is a kind of a spoof movie of various detective stories. Eli is directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan.

Pradeep Rawat is the gangster, who is the head of the cigarette smuggling team. With the help of someone in the Police department, the gangster escapes from the police each and every time. Eli @ Elisamy, whose long term aim was to become a police, was called by the commissioner to get into the scene of searching and getting the gamblers red-handed. As usual, the comedy performance is done by Vadivelu, perfectly.

Who is the heroine here? It is Sada… The beautiful Sada, who performed with Jayam Ravi and Vikram, is here to dance with Vadivelu. Sada has no other work in the film, except the duet with the hero, like any other Tamil films. The classic song in Aradhana, Mere Sapne Ki Rani Song was taken for the duet of Vadivelu and Sada. Vadivelu’s lip movement of the song really brings giggle to everyone who watches it. Vadivelu has tried hard to sync with the song. They could have tried a Tamil song instead of a Hindi song.

Sada comes in various costumes and move around the trees and finishes her job. Vadivelu has done a lot of exercises to reduce his weight for this film. Overall the film is an average time pass without any serious message.

Eli… Missing the right story!