Plot nbsp Arjun Dileep and Anil are brothers who love sports Anil has been selected to play in the state volleyball team but due to his elder brother 39 s

Speed Track Movie Review

Speed Track Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Speed Track"
Runtime: 1 Hour 57 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-03-2007
Genre: Thriller, Sports
3 / 5.0



Plot: Arjun (Dileep) and Anil are brothers who love sports. Anil has been selected to play in the state volleyball team but due to his elder brother's carelessness, he's wheelchair-ridden. Only a Rs. 10 lakh surgery can put him back on his feet, and guilt-stricken Arjun takes it on himself to earn this money. He joins the BCM Sports College which was awarding the money he needed to the winner of a 400-meter relay contest. As college goes on and his training does too, he falls in love with Gouri (Gajala), whose brother will also be competing in the race. The villain in the story is Vinu (Riaz Khan), who likes Gouri and does not want Arjun to win. Who will win this fight?

Analysis: The movie will hold your attention until the very end. While it may not be something new, it's something old revisited humorously. The narration is quite good; there isn't any noticeable lag. Most of the crowd who has come as Dileep fans won't be going home disappointed, but instead thoroughly pleased. The only complaint might be that he was made-up better, to look younger like a college student. Oru Kinnaraganam, one of the songs in the movie sung by Udit Narayan, is shot well in a beautiful scenic place. Pattum Padi is sung by veteran singer Yesudas and hits all the right notes. The other songs, Nerathe Kalathethi and Ko Ko Ko Kozhi are average too. Overall, the movie is good enough. There's a good plot, great actors, a lesson to learn, humor and energized songs - what more would one want?

Star performances: Dileep is, as usual, perfect with his one-liners and dialogue delivery. Gajala blends in well as a conflicted lover. Actors in supporting roles like Madhu Warrier, Jagathi Sreekumar, Ambika Mohan and Vijayaraghavan are decent. Riyaz Khan makes a good villain. The sports scenes are well shot, and the credit to this goes to the cinematographer P Sukumar. Deepak Dev's music, especially Paatum Paadi, hits just the right notes. Debutant director Jayasurya looks like a promising addition to Mollywood. Ranjan Abraham did the editing, making an entertainer within two hours. S. L. Puram Jayasurya wrote the screenplay.

What's there? 1. The movie was aimed at the general Malayalam crowd that has a want to come out as the best in everything they do, so the movie is very relatable. 2. The movie is smooth-smailing and has a likeable cast and a funny script.

What's not there? 1. The lead actor could've been different; Dileep was 39 at the time of the shooting and his age shows. The movie is set in a college. 2. Some events in the movie might feel like they've been compromised with on the logic aspect, especially in the last few scenes and the climax.

Verdict: The movie isn't boring at all; neither is it all about sports. Thus, for anybody, it definitely makes for a good watch.