There have been many action flicks in Mollywood in the recent times Some movies are slow-paced in spite of being an action thriller Also the stories of many

Kammatti Paadam Movie Review

Kammatti Paadam Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Kammatti Paadam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 45 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 20-05-2016
Genre: Crime, Drama
3.25 / 5.0

There have been many action flicks in Mollywood in the recent times. Some movies are slow-paced in spite of being an action thriller. Also, the stories of many such action flicks are slow-paced and seem contrived.  But, the movie Kammatipaadam, which has Kochi as its backdrop, has broken the rules.  The movie has been given an A Certificate for the bloody scenes in it.  Some of the viewers of the movie feel that it falls into the category of gangster movies more than an action flick.  Let us see how the movie has fared.  


The story commences with Krishnan, a middle-aged man residing in Mumbai.  He returns to his native place Kochi, as requested by his accomplice Gangan.  Also, there is a plan in his mind.  The movie revolves around Krishnan and his village named Kammatipaadam.  The movie proceeds with the perception of Dulquer most of the times. 

Star Performances:

Dulquer Salmaan has done the role of Krishnan in the movie. He has once again proved that he is a wonderful actor. The change that he undergoes on screen baffles the audiences. Vinayakan and Manikandan deserve a pat on their shoulder for their realistic performances. Debutant actress Shaun Romy has done the role of Krishnan’s pair in the movie. She is a fantastic appearance on screen. The roles done by the supporting actors are also flawless.


Rajeev Ravi’s directorial ventures shine among the bunch of stereotyped Malayalam movies.  The narration of the script by P Balachandran is impeccable and for such a challenging script he doesn’t confuse the audience. The movie is more of a gangster movie and does not fit that well into the category of action thriller.  There is plenty of vigor in the scenes before the interlude.  The darker side is shown in the portion after the interlude.  If it were not for the slow pace, the movie is entertaining to watch.

What is there?  

  • Cinematography by Madhu is worth applause.  The old and the present cities of Mumbai and Kochi have been brought alive.  
  • The background music sounds very relevant to the narration.
  • Dialogues uttered are worth an applause.
  • Direction and screenplay are near perfect.

What is not there?

  • There is slow pace in the movie which might test the patience of some audiences.  
  • The main setback to the movie is the duration, and better editing could have made it lot crispier. 


Kammatipaadam is immersed in realism and is worth a watch.