Plot nbsp The film How Old Are You is a story about a woman rsquo s journey into self-realization and chasing her dreams It depicts the idea that one is never

How Old Are You Movie Review

How Old Are You Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " How Old Are You"
Runtime: 2 Hours 21 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 16-05-2014
Genre: Drama, Family
3.5 / 5.0



Plot: The film How Old Are You is a story about a woman’s journey into self-realization and chasing her dreams. It depicts the idea that one is never too old to fulfill their dreams in life. The film is about the life of a 36-year-old woman Nirupama Rajeev, who works in the UD clerk in the Revenue Department. While her husband Rajeev Narayan aspires to migrate to Ireland, she is unable to get a job there. Nirupama leads a very normal life, but she is craving for a change. However, her life takes a drastic turn when one day she is called for a meeting with the President, but unfortunately, she faints before her. As a result, she becomes the butt of all jokes on social media with no one trying to understand her life’s struggles.

Meanwhile, her husband and daughter leave for Ireland while she stays behind. Her school friend Susan, a successful entrepreneur, reminds her of who she used to be when a young girl with high aspirations in life. Therefore, Susan makes Nirupama realize her. Another major turn comes to her life a few days later when she helps a woman whom she used to see at the bus stop falls sick and provides her with her vegetables that she grew in the rooftop. She becomes famous with time in the neighborhood with her ideas of rooftop farming. Her entire idea becomes a success.

One fine day she is called for a seminar to deliver a speech o her idea of rooftop farming. She immediately becomes famous and is called again to meet the President. The transformation shown in the film though predictable, it is superb. The film is very genuine and though it is light-hearted, it still has a very profound idea portrayed.

Analysis: The story of the movie is different, but it is great as it revolves around the life of a middle-aged woman’s journey into self-realization. Bobby-Sanjay, the writer, deserves appreciation for the story that shows a woman who is independent and believes in herself. Roshan Andrews has directed the film and has made a good attempt but not without flaws. There seems to be confusion in some parts. It has certain sequences that needed to be depicted more clearly also some parts are uselessly added and have no reference to the film.

Apart from these things Roshan Andrews has done an impressive job and he can bring out the best from the artists. R. Diwakaran does an outstanding job at cinematography and helps in making the film at its best. Also, when the music is by Gopi Sunder, there can be no mistake. He uses his skill very effectively, and he knows what suits the viewer’s demands in a film like this. The film has received the most appreciation for its script. The film has such simplicity that it attracts viewers immensely.

Star Performances: The film stars Manju Warrier, who has come on screen after 14 years, and she makes a stunning comeback with this How Old Are You. With her, there can be no mistake. She beautifully depicts the role of a middle-aged woman yearning for identity and to fulfill her dreams. The film shows her gradual transformation from a lady who is slouching to someone who holds her head high and is proud of herself. The way Manju has portrayed the character of Nirupama makes you feel that it is for her.

All the credit goes to Roshan Andrews and Manju for holding the film and making it look real. Kunchacko Boban too does an excellent job as Rajeev, Nirupama’s husband. It shows how skilled he is, by the way, he makes his character come out in spite of the total attention of the film being on Nirupama’s character. Though the two have failed to put up a proper chemistry, it pretty much suits the story well. Other chief characters are Amritha Anil as Lakshmi Rajeev and Kanika as Susan David, who have played their roles excellently well. The film has praiseworthy acting.

What’s there? The film is very genuine and has a perfect story. Each actor in the movie has portrayed their respective characters very well making it look like real. The film is light-hearted one with a lot of simplicity.

What’s not there? There is nothing that the film does not have.

Verdict: The film has a very inspiring story to tell, and it is certainly not to miss.