Ulidavaru Kandante is a 2014 Indian Kannada drama film written and directed by Rakshit Shetty Rakshit Shetty has debuted in direction with this film and he al

Ulidavaru Kandante Movie Review

Ulidavaru Kandante Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Ulidavaru Kandante"
Runtime: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 28-03-2014
Genre: Drama
4 / 5.0



Ulidavaru Kandante is a 2014 Indian Kannada drama film written and directed by Rakshit Shetty. Rakshit Shetty has debuted in direction with this film, and he also appears in the lead role in it. He is also the writer of the movie. It is produced by the trio, Hemanth, Suni, and Abhi.

Plot: The story is set in Malpe, a small fishing town in Karnataka. Regina is a journalist and is inspecting a story about violence in Malpe, which took place on Janamashtami. She sets out to find witnesses and record their statements. At the end of her research, she gets to know that there are as many as five witnesses who can help her in further investigating the story. He meets all five of them one by one and surprisingly observes that each one of them has described the event differently. She gets confused and irritated and doesn't know which one to believe as there aren't any other witnesses who can help her confirming the statements. The movie takes many twists and turns as Regina meets Richi and increases the curiosity level of the audience with every scene.

Analysis: The movie stars new actors, yet there is no lack of talent in it. It entertains the audience with its firm story and strong acting. The different statements from witnesses confuse Regina, as well as the audience. The movie has the scenic beauty of southern India. The actors convince the audience with their statements are the actual description of the incident with their performances. The title "Ulidavaru Kandante" is very apt and resembles the movie in every aspect.

Star performances: Rakshit has just rocked the screen with his high-quality acting. He suited in the role of Richi and has delivered his dialogues perfectly. Sheethal Shetty as a journalist has fit into her role and her role is the soul of the movie. She keeps the characters bound together to each other all the time. Rakshit, as a debutant has done an impressive job in the direction. He has got to get the most of the work from the actors. The editing has been tight, and the cinematography by Karm Chawla is an important aspect of the movie. The background score is average and doesn't impress the audience.

What's there?

1) The movie has the amazing scenic beauty of Southern India, and the beaches are perfectly shot. It would not be wrong to say that others were not able to show the beauty of the countryside in South with such efficiency.

2) It is like a roller coaster ride while watching the movie. The mysterious turns just thrill the audience to the core.

What's not there? 

The music was not able to match the standards of the movie and fails to create an impact on the audience's heart.

Verdict: The movie is a treat to watch and is a "must watch" from our side.