Brahma is a 2014 historical drama Kannada film directed by R Chandru Manjunath Babu has produced it Gurukiran is the music director The film was dubbed in H

Brahma Movie Review

Brahma Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Brahma"
Runtime: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 07-02-2014
Genre: Drama, Historical
3 / 5.0

Brahma is a 2014 historical drama Kannada film directed by R. Chandru. Manjunath Babu has produced it. Gurukiran is the music director. The film was dubbed in Hindi as The Real Leader- Brahma.

Plot- The movie spans between four generations. Brahma, the protagonist, robs rich people with huge sums of black money. The reason behind Brahma looting them isn't known to anyone. He goes to Malaysia to rob the Lucky Man after Lucky man tortures people of his village. He also meets Pranitha there and starts liking her without knowing that she is already with the Lucky man. After robbing the Lucky man, he returns to India to his grandfather. The Lucky man follows him to India along with Pranitha to use her like a trap. The story goes on with Brahma's grandfather telling Brahma about their forefathers and how they fought evil and had always been protecting the needy. He reminds Brahma of the duties they have given him and to make their family proud again. Brahma sets on a journey to fight the Lucky man. Will he succeed in doing so? Watch the movie to find out.

Analysis: We all have expected a lot from the movie, and it seems that it has stood firm on the hopes of the audiences. Chandru has successfully portrayed the different generations in one string and without any loops. The story has been powerfully depicted on the screen as a fight between good and evil. Upendra has done a fabulous job in showing Brahma from different generations. The first half is a bit draggy, but Chandru manages it up in the second half with his excellent direction. The ancient times have been beautifully directed with scenic beauty with great background score.

Star performances: Upendra has given excellent performance in all the different time periods. He has worked efficiently on his expressions and his physique to show a warrior of the ancient period. Pranitha doesn't get much screen in the movie and is more like a glamor doll. Rangayana Raghu didn't impress the audience and needed to work more to fit in as a villain. The background score is magical and leaves the audience spellbound.

What's there?

 1) The movie comes with a great story and strong star cast. It has quality action and chasing sequences.

2) The scenic beauty is captured beautifully, and the older generations are filled with it.

What's not there? 

1) The film is has a slow and draggy first half and with being historical, it might seem boring to some people.

Verdict: The movie is entertaining and can be watched once.