Nothing is really new in the script but the movie is easy on the mind It rsquo s about what when in love and marriage This movie revolves around four married

Sirf Movie Review

Sirf Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Sirf"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 25-04-2008
Genre: Drama, Romance
2 / 5.0



Nothing is really new in the script, but the movie is easy on the mind. It’s about what when in love and marriage. This movie revolves around four married couples played by Kay Kay Menon and Manisha Koirala, Pravin Dabas and Rituparna Sengupta, Sonali Kulkarni and Ranvir Shorey, Nauheed Cyrusi and Ankur Khanna.

Plot: This is a story of four couples and their lives in the metropolitan city. They belong to different social and financial class and everyone has got its own problems to deal with. What one couple has, the other doesn’t? Each couple looks at the other couple and wishes that if only they had what the other couple does, their life would be a bed of roses, be it on an economic level or on good terms. What seems to be a big and almost strange problem for the first couple is just a delicate issue for the record. Similarly, second couple’s serious problem is not looked upon as a problem at all by the first and likewise so with the other two couples. In a pursuit to achieve what they lack and in a desperate search of that one thing that would solve all their problems, they find themselves lost in the ever pitiful crowd, where no one has a time of themselves, leaves sideways cares of the humanity.

Star Performance: Kay Kay Menon has been his usual ‘superb’ in his role while Manisha Koirala needed to do something about her appearance and over all presentation. Rituparna has been seductive as usual, and her on-screen colleague Parvin shared a hot and sticky chemistry with her while showing the uncertainty. Sonali Kulkarni was a true bombshell while Ranvir was equally capable and came out with a bolt from the blue. Nauheed Cyrusi was cute but did not convey much to the metro audience while Ankur has shown optimistic talent. Though the performances were delicate, the roles were narrow which did not deliver the required thrust for the success of a film. What happens in the finishing stages? Will there be at least one couple who appear out with happy faces? All this makes the rest of the story.

Analysis: The director has a very attentive subject with some talented pack of actors, but he lost out the arrangement of the plot.Despite being the fact that it was perfect for the metro audience, the cinematography was fantastic, but the music was no good. The main culprit is the script which was fragile and lacked any intensity while the editing desk was I think absent when the whole film project was being screened. The screenplay was to some extent better, but the other departments exceeded expectations.

What’s there?

1. Music is good.

2. Cinematography is perfect.

3. The whole cast played their role perfectly.

What’s not there?

1. Second half is boring.

2. The story is ineffective.

3. Editing was not superior.

Verdict: Its one of a boring, slow movie only good for a lengthy time waste. Wait for it to appear telecast on television and push your limits of patience.