Plot A girl named Sophia agrees to marry a Multimillionaire with whom she shared the house On the other hand she falls in love with another man named Vicky

Naqaab Movie Review

Naqaab Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Naqaab"
Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 13-07-2007
Genre: Thriller
3 / 5.0


A girl named Sophia agrees to marry a Multimillionaire with whom she shared the house. On the other hand, she falls in love with another man named Vicky. Little does anyone know that each of their moves are being recorded.


The movie is directed by the famous duo director, Abbas, and Mustan, who are known for versatility in their projects. Likewise, this movie has a severely twisted and unpredictable plot which helps you always to be indulged in the movie and the experience of watching it is very compelling and engaging. The girl is a newcomer and is fresh. The climax of the movie is something you may not have expected as it has a very meandering storyline.

Star Performances:

Urvashi is the newcomer in the film and has managed to do fairly well as her character of Sophia. She is intense when the role calls for it and other times she is cute and good to look at. Akshaye Khanna is believable and has a lot of depth in his character. Bobby Deol has tried his best to be believable and at ease with the kind of role he has got and he succeeds in it quite nicely. All the actors complement each other and make the movie quite believable.

What you may like:

● The promise that the movie made about it being a hardcore thriller movie is held true throughout the movie. There'll be a factor of surprise throughout the experience of watching the film.   

● The greatest strength that the movie has is that it is mostly unpredictable and has worked well to catch people by surprise.

What you may dislike:

● Songs of the movie aren't all that wonderful, and they also break the continuity and mood of the movie at times.

● The concept of the movie may be novel but it feels like it is just too far fetched and therefore, the believability factor becomes a question.


For the thrill that the movie has, it can be given a watch.