Nanhe Jaisalmer Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Nanhe Jaisalmer"
Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 14-09-2007
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0




It is a story of a little boy who lives in a village of Jaisalmer. He is high on dreams and can save his ideal Bobby from an accident. What follows is a friendship that is made for life but not without its share of disappointments and misunderstandings.


The movie has its theme to be about the hero worship of a little kid. It is a sweet and simple movie which the children would love to watch especially because it is very different from the regular stuff that come out for kids. Unlike those movies, this is intelligent and at the same time sensitive towards children which is a rare phenomena. There is also a good amount spent on particularly representing the hospitality of Indians towards their guests.

Star Performances

The little kid, the protagonist of the movie, Dwij Yadav has stolen the show completely. He is intense and adorable in a very sweet and innocent way. The kind of performance given by him is very honest and completely touches your hearts. Bobby Deol couldn't really keep up with the zeal of the kid and this makes him a tad bit futile for the movie. The supporting cast of the movie has acted well and is supporting indeed.

What you may like

● The film is blessed with a wonderful filming location, with screenplay based typically in the heart of Rajasthan and its colors. Along with it, the movie also captures the hospitable culture of India in a wonderful light.

● The concept of the movie is fairly novel and is engaging to a very large extent.

● A perfect movie for little kid as it is clean and can be watched with the whole of your family. The film is sweet and simple with no complexities which make it an innocent watch.

What you may dislike

● It drains a little patience, and the experience becomes uncomfortable

● There are some pacing issues with the movie


It can be a one-time watch with your kids.