Black and White is a movie based on an Afghan suicide bomber Anurag Sinha played this role He introduces himself to Anil Kapoor who played the role of an Urdu

Black and White Movie Review

Black and White Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Black and White"
Runtime: 2 Hours 18 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 07-03-2008
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Social
3 / 5.0

Black and White is a movie based on an Afghan suicide bomber. Anurag Sinha played this role.He introduces himself to Anil Kapoor, who played the role of an Urdu Professor named Mathur as a victim of communal riots. Mathur lives with his wife named Roma, who is a social activist and a feminist, role played by Shefali Shah. Their young daughter lives with them.

They reside in Chandni Chowk where Mathur comes across Numair (suicide bomber).Mathur helps Numair in getting the entry pass for Independence day celebration that is yet to happen at Red Fort. Meanwhile, Mathur’s family wins the heart of Numair, and he starts admiring the love and care castled by them when he is welcomed by the character Mathur to take shelter at their house.The mind of Numair remains fluctuating whether to accomplish the mission on 15th August or to ditch it. The pile up of scenes in Mathur’s house that made Numair think once has been beautifully pictured. Both the female cast in this movie has done an impressive job even though their screen presence is for a short duration.

The director has experimented a new way of narration with a dramatic touch. The visual scope takes off from the climax that establishes an emotional connect with the audience. Anil Kapoor has delivered his sensible acting skills that the character demanded. The flow and the pace of the movie were commendable. Music did play a major role in invoking the feel that the director wanted to convey. A new perspective is taken in a story based on a traitor. This shows the audience that all cruel people do have a soft side that they do not wish to reveal.

Though the movie received critical reviews in a wide range, it has won a place in the hearts of the viewers.