This film came triggered interest because of some conflict between Dino and Milind on the shooting nbsp Since both of them were dating BipashaBasu long time b

Bhram Movie Review

Bhram  Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Bhram"
Runtime: 2 Hours 08 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 04-04-2008
Genre: Thriller
2 / 5.0

This film came triggered interest because of some conflict between Dino and Milind on the shooting.  Since both of them were dating BipashaBasu long time back so, it was predicted that it can be one of many reasons of the conflict.


The film begins with the introduction of AntaraTyagi ( Sheetal Menon), who has established herself in the Modeling industry. But behind her flashy life, she is hiding her traumatic past. Shaantanu ( Dino Morea) who is the most flirty and handsome guy of the town feels attracted towards her, and they finally fall in love with each other. With time, their bond becomes stronger, and they finally decide to marry. In this process, Antara meets Shaantanu’s family and his elder brother Devendra ( Milind Soman). She recognizes him as a guy who raped and murdered her elder sister in her childhood. She accuses him, and her relation to Shaantanu’s family gets bitter. Now, Shaantanu wants to investigate and know the truth about his brother. And story continuous with his investigation.

Star Performances

Apart from Milind Soman, all actors have given an average performance. This movie is Milind’s show, and he has tried to do justice to his character despite the poor script. He looks perfect in the business tycoon character with classy suits and stylish beard. He needs to be more serious about his acting career and have to select good scripts.


The director Pavan Kaul completely fails in narrating the story in a convincing manner. There are very less twist and turns which were the demand of the story. Since the past and present moves concurrently in the first hour of the film, you will have to be more focused. The twist which reveals the climax is childish. Some of the scenes will remind you the flick ‘Who Lamhe’. 

What’s there?

1. Milind’s marvelous acting with great looks.
2. The film has brilliant cinematography done by Hiroo Keshwani.
3. Music by Pritam and Siddharth-Shuhas is pleasant.
4. Climax scene’s location is damn good.

What’s not there?

1. Loose screenplay, which made the story confusing and unbearable.
2. Some of the scenes in the second half were unrelated.
3. Dialogues are too hot to handle in this flick.
4. Characters of the film look incomplete, and there are flaws in the writing.


The film has a great story but lacks a good screenplay; it could be watched once only for Milind’s performance.