39 Awarapan 39 is an intense film with a throbbing love story The story hinges on the predicament of a criminal Awarapan is inspired by a Korean film quo

Awarapan Movie Review

Awarapan  Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Awarapan"
Runtime: 2 Hours 28 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 29-06-2007
Genre: Action, Drama
3.75 / 5.0

' Awarapan Click to look into! >> Read More... ' is an intense film with a throbbing love story. The story hinges on the predicament of a criminal. Awarapan is inspired by a Korean film "KomhanInsaeng" (meaning A Bittersweet Life) by Kim Ji-Woon. There are many Bollywood films on underworld life, but Awarapan is way more different than those. It is as fresh as a new wound by a sharp knife because this movie deals witha love story and unearthliness. This is a perfect movie with fine technique, phraseology, and strong material.


Shivam (EmranHashmi) who is agnostic, is hunting for joy in his life but only meets with sufferings and pain, and is left alone.He is brought up by Bharat Malik, who himself is a gangster and has a business of human trafficking too. Shivam is his most loyal hit man, and Bharat is dependent on Shivam more than his son Ronnie. Shivam (EmranHashmi) fell for a Muslim girl Aaliyah, who he wants tomarry. But Aaliyah's father opposes their decision to get married because of his criminal background. In between their fight a bullet hits Aaliyah, which her father shot to kill Shivam and get rid of him. Then again he moves back to his faithless life in Hongkong where his work is to scout a Pakistani girl Reema whether she is cheating behind Bharat's back or not! If he finds her deceiving him, he needs to snuff her off. Reema has a boyfriend with whom she is planning to run away. She reminds Shivam of his lover Aaliyah whom he can not save. Now, will he let her run away, or he stays loyal to his mentor Bharat and follows his instructions?

Star performances

Emran proves that he is a spectacular actor. He justifies the seriousness of his role. He entertains the audience to his fullest. Mrinalini has a beauty and attitude we look for a person in the movie. Ashutosh Rana's role and his performance are commendable. Negative role suits him the best.

What’s there?

  1. Pritam gave the songs its soul. Music is outstanding, matches every situation brilliantly.
  2. Actors play their role splendidly.

What’s not there?

The cinematography in some scenes could have been made a little better.


Awarapan is one of those 'hatke' films that everyone crave for.