Plot The Light Between Oceans shows Tom Sherbourne is a lighthouse keeper and a war veteran who lives off the coast in post World War 1 Western Australia with h

The Light Between Oceans Movie Review

The Light Between Oceans Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " The Light Between Oceans"
Runtime: 2 Hours 12 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-09-2016
Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0



Plot The Light Between Oceans shows Tom Sherbourne is a lighthouse keeper and a war veteran who lives off the coast in post World War 1 Western Australia with his wife, Isabel. Though they are happy, their efforts to have children end in miscarriage and disaster and this loneliness hampers Isabel so badly that she seems to be on the verge of a catatonic breakdown. However, things become normal and happy again when a boat washes up with the body of a dead man and a baby.

Automatically Isabel gets attached to the child and on seeing how it has helped his wife recover from a breakdown; they take the baby as their own. However, the story takes a turn when they come to the town to christen the baby and what is revealed is a crime. They encounter a woman who threatens to break their recently created happiness and throw them into the disaster all over again.

Analysis The story of the film is a novel which was a 2012 bestseller by Australian author ML Stedman of the same name. The director of the film is Derek Cianfrance. Till now, the film has average reviews. The film tends to be usually lifeless. The film brings forward the three characters whose story seems nothing more than coincidence. The film’s rhythms put up a sort of exotic spell that gives a heroic dimension to the story which is as emotionally burdened as a melodrama.

Cianfrance is able to effectively capture the upsetting and difficult moments in the film to parts that help overcome everything in the relationship that is shown. Such is the projection of the relation between them that it keeps the viewers glued to the screen even though nothing special is happening. The initial sequences are a sort of the trademark of the director as they burden the audience with questions of how one thing led to the other. Dereks’ films are such that they reflect a lot of pain in not just the story itself but the characters too, just the way they do in this film. T

he film is very lavishly shot. The cinematography is by Adam Arkapaw and the music by Alexandre Desplat.

Star Performances Michael Fassbender plays Tom Sherbourne, and Alicia Vikander plays Isabel. Rachel Weisz plays Hannah Roenfeldt. Despite the character that Alicia had to play, her performance is flawless. Fassbender and Vikander have put up their parts really well, and the chemistry that they show is also pretty strong. The emotions to be portrayed by the actor sin this film which has such a deep meaning needs to be great which was to a large extent excellently done by the actors. However, it is also true and to be mentioned that certain scenes actually don’t work out really well. They fall out of place and seem strange in front of the rest.

What’s there? There is a lot of intensity in the story and the emotions portrayed. It is quite possible that the film will be appreciated by certain people on account of the story. However, it cannot be denied the film was shot extravagantly, and the acting was impeccable.

What’s not there? The film is discredited for being well dull. It seems nothing more than a melodrama to a large part of the audience. To some extent, it seems excessively sugar-coated and pretty lifeless.

Verdict The film does not have anything very exciting to offer. It has a story which is deep but to some it may be boring and a tedious watch. However, it works pretty fine for a one-time watch.