Plot Starting from where the last movie left off Katniss who wins the 75th Hunger Games is rescued and taken to a rebel point at District 13 She learns tha

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Movie Review

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Movie Review English
Review for the film " The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1"
Runtime: 2 Hours 22 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 23-03-2013
Genre: Adventure
3.75 / 5.0


Starting from where the last movie left off, Katniss, who wins the 75th Hunger Games is rescued and taken to a rebel point at District 13. She learns that the district was preparing for war against the common enemy, the capitol.

President Coin, who is the military leader for District 13, asks Katniss to be a part of the propaganda against the Capitol to inspire following for the rebels. Coin deliberately states that unless all of the districts team up against it, the capitol cannot be brought down and Katniss, who just won the latest games and destroyed the arena, was the perfect symbol to arouse the spirits of various rebels.

Katniss plainly rejects the proposition and states that all she needs to do is keep her family safe. To convince Katniss, the rebel team takes her to various districts as well as her home that were destroyed by the Capitol in an attempt to sabotage the rebellion.

As the movie continues, Peeta, partner and a crush of Katniss, is seen on television asking the rebellion to stop and join President Snow. As the entire rebel team stamps Peeta as a traitor, Katniss believes that he might have been tortured to be television against the rebels.

Katniss faces an internal conflict as she accepts President Coin’s idea of her being a symbol of Mockingjay for the rebels in return for a favor, Coin has to send out a rescue team to bring Peeta and other prisoners back.

Katniss then starts her propaganda to arouse the various districts to join the rebel and, at last, sets out to rescue Peeta. When she finally does rescue Peeta, things do not go as planned when her beloved attacks her.

She learns that he had been put through psychological torture and supplied with hallucinatory tracker- jacker venom. The movie comes to an abrupt end as Peeta screams horrifically due to the mental torture imposed on him.


Just like the closing series of Harry Potter and Twilight, the makers of the Hunger Games tried out for a two-part ending to make the viewers more enthusiastic. This, however, didn’t work out as they might have planned.

As usual, the first part was dragged to the point of breaking out. Because most of the movie is underground where the rebel point is stationed, we don’t get to visualize the enormous land and scenery of Panem, the country where the story takes place. The movie is just half a story, so it doesn’t necessarily have the beat and the rhythm of the first two movies.

What’s there:

1. An interesting struggle for truth and justice

2. A message on how media can be used for both good and bad

What’s not there:

1. The gripping screenplay like the previous two movies


Watch the entire series, you may like them. Do not watch only this part and expect it to make sense.