In one of his many frustrating days of his life Henry Altman Robin Williams come to know about how he has only 90 minutes to live which sends him off on a h

The Angriest Man In Brooklyn Movie Review

The Angriest Man In Brooklyn Movie Review English
Review for the film " The Angriest Man in Brooklyn"
Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 23-05-2014
Genre: Comedy, Drama
3 / 5.0



In one of his many frustrating days of his life, Henry Altman ( Robin Williams) come to know about how he has only 90 minutes to live, which sends him off on a hasty quest to right all the wrongs he has done in his life because of his uncontrollable temper.

Plot: Each and every day in the life of Henry Altman seem to be annoying and frustrating and just always bad. During a regular medical checkup, Dr. Sharon Gill tells him that he has an aneurysm and on demanding rudely and constantly about how much time he has left, she blurts out that he has only 90 minutes left. This news makes him hurriedly erase the never-ending list of things he hates, and make a list of things he needs to amend before his time ends forever. He dashes to different places all over Brooklyn to meet his brother, his wife, his son as Dr. Gill chases after him to correct her mistake and also give him the immediate medical attention that he needs. 

This movie is an adaption of the 1997 Israeli movie “The 92 Minutes of Mr. Baum” and in shows us about the heartfelt and the seemingly final journey of Altman to do something about all the important damaged relationships in his life since he pushed his closed ones away with his anger. Robin Williams, the extremely reputable and talented legend has done more than justice to his role, as the once happy and cheery father who turned into the angriest man after the death of one of his sons. Peter Dinklage has also performed brilliantly as the calm and cooler brother of Robin William’s character. Mila Kunis might not have been able to live up to the mark as her scenes in the movie can be a bit of a drag. On the other hand, the role of Hamish Linklater as Tommy Altman (the second son of Henry Altman) is a bit of a disappointment because he seemed to have the potential to bring so much more to the film with a little more screen time.

With the kind of background score that forcibly tells out what you should be feeling in which scene, but does not fail to tug at your hearts as a man, who is so close to death tries his best to reverse his mistakes of years in such a short span of time. This movie does teach us about the necessary message of “carpe diem” and for always being there for the ones who were always there for you. 

Verdict: To this life-altering day in a dying man’s life, set out to make as many positive changes in his life as he can before he dies, I give this movie 4 out of 5 victories.