Sin City A Dame to Kill For nbsp released on 5th September nbsp 2014 is a Crime and Thriller based movie nbsp Plot The story is all about the shady and de

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Movie Review

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Movie Review English
Review for the film " Sin City: A Dame to Kill For"
Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 05-09-2014
Genre: Crime, Thriller
2.25 / 5.0

Sin City, A Dame to Kill For released on 5th September 2014, is a Crime and Thriller based movie. 


The story is all about the shady and despondent town, Basin City and narrates the tale of three different people, namely, Marv, Nancy, and Dwight. The co-directors of the movie made a great effort to bring back the sin city series of the novel back to the silver screen.

Star Performances

Though the performances are good, the script and presentation play spoilsport. 

The movie was released after seven years of launching the first part.Jessica Alba’s sensuous stripper scenes did create the sensuality but made the script, even more, boring and prolonged. In thirty minutes itself, the stories of seven characters unfold off in all infancy, to complicate the storyline even more. The ground-breaking sensation and the barbarism in the previous series are nowhere to be seen. 

What’s there?

The filmmakers don’t meddle with the original arrangement of the movie, which seemed to be very nice. 
The movie contains a new story that was not there in any of the books. 
The background score, cinematography, and direction are as same as the old one.  Though not good as the first, it’s greatly enjoyable. 

What’s not there?

1. The unnecessarily complicated design driving the story to move forward makes it dull and dreary to spend 102 minutes for. 
2. Although all the previous characters are recast, the new ones are not persuasive enough.
3. In spite of having the previous characters repeated, the movie failed to blow-out the magic it once did. 


It’s a onetime watch movie.