This movie is directed by Robert Schwentke starring Jeff Bridges Kevin Bacon and Ryan Reynolds Plot It is a movie about a cop who dies in a line of duty a

R.I.P.D. Movie Review

R.I.P.D. Movie Review English
Review for the film " R.I.P.D."
Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 19-07-2013
Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci Fi
2 / 5.0



This movie is directed by Robert Schwentke, starring Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon, and Ryan Reynolds.

Plot: It is a movie about a cop who dies in a line of duty and is recruited by the rest in peace department. These people basically go around the world and take out guys who are actually dead hiding in a human body. Their job is to find them out and they refer to them as deados and take them out so that they can go to hell or where they actually belong.

The movie is exactly like Men in Black and it’s actually Men in Black with dead people. Except the fact that Men in Black had two great characters, a fantastic script, amazing special effects and awesome action scenes, while this movie has two characters that are just ok, a terrible script and special effects that are so obvious that it takes you right out of the movie. Though it has scenes which are not boring, one can sit down and watch it without getting bored but there is just so much jumbled crap going on that it does not make a good film.

The director Robert Schwentke has directed films like Time Travelers Wife, Red and Flight Plan. He can make a really good movie; one thing good about this film is that it is visually impressive. He kept the movie moving at least, so it does not bother you and you do not want to leave it in the middle. It is a perfectly watchable movie; it’s just that it has been poorly constructed. Some events are very heavy dramatically and other that are so light hearted, so they are trying to bring Men in Black essence.

Verdict:  The movie overall is just a one time watch.