The Pursuit of Happyness famed director Gabriele Muccino brings a star-studded teary melodrama film Plot A Pulitzer-prize winner author Jake Dravis Russel C

Fathers and Daughters Movie Review

Fathers and Daughters Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Fathers and Daughters"
Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 08-07-2016
Genre: Drama, Family
2 / 5.0



The Pursuit of Happyness famed director Gabriele Muccino brings a star-studded teary melodrama film.

Plot: A Pulitzer-prize winner author Jake Dravis (Russel Crowe) life take a turn when he meets an accident while driving, companying him; his wife and young daughter Katie (Kylie Rodgers), the mishap happens as Jake deviated over a domestic issue quarrel. The accident left his wife dead, his daughter miraculous escape while Jake facing head injury and consequently instituted to a mental hospital for seven months. Meanwhile Katie respite with her aunt Elisabeth ( Diane Kruger) and wealthy uncle William (Bruce Greenwood).

Seven months later, Jake discharged from hospital find himself in the midst of a financial crisis as his comeback novel turn down badly by critics, which he wrote during his stay at nursing home. Katie ( Amanda Seyfried) evolve as a social worker who transpires to be helping out depressed young orphans while herself being the emotionally troubled young women. She fell in love with an ambitious writer Cameron ( Aaron Paul) with whom she able to connect emotionally and admits about the problematic adulthood through which she has been going. How Jake brought up her daughter and cope up with his depression and how he rises again and whether Katie and Cameron meet at the end? To know more, you will have to see the flick.

Analysis: The film turns out to be whimpering melodrama with the loose cannon. Gabriele Muccino is known for maneuvering Will Smith for his Oscar-nominated acting in The Pursuit of Happyness but this time, he falls flat with the group of a skilled cast. The film is not mass appealing one since,/ it based on a subject focusing the impact of a tormented childhood on growing adulthood rather than being the entertaining one.

Star Performance: Amanda Seyfried has done well as a troubled adult, but her younger version of Katie by Kylie Rodgers is the one who stand apart in the picture. Another character who impresses the most is Quvenzhane Wallis as a quiet, depressed young girl who cease to speak, but expression wise her performance is a heart winner while Russel Crowe as a distressed father is average judging by his usual acting standard. Other supporting casts like Janet McTeer, Jane Fonda, and Aaron Paul seems to be just wasted or can term overqualified for their insignificant role in the feature film.

What's There? 

1. The cinema features talented stars like Russel Crowe, Amana Seyfried, Diane Kruger, Aaron Paul and Jane Fonda.

2. Debutant child actress Kylie Rodgers, who plays an eight-year-old girl, is superb while depicting an ecstatic mature kid.

3. Alex Rodriguez’s editing work is commendable.

4. A mixed bag of sensible one-liners and incoherent dialogues.

What's Not There? 

1. The screenplay by Brad Desch lacks the vision they want to represent on silver screen.

2. Though full of competent actors/actresses the film’s weak storyline undermine their presence.

3. The story becomes quite predictable at a later stage.

Verdict: The movie turns out to be more weepy drama because of the sloppy screenplay, what could have been outstanding cinema considering the talented actors the film possess. Hence, there is not much to look out in the movie.