Amanda Seyfried In “Anon!”

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Amanda Seyfried In “Anon!”

”Anon” is the science fiction thriller film.

Clive Owen plays a detective in this psychological thriller.

Andrew Niccol will direct this psychological thriller with the 51 years Clive as hero and 30 years Amanda Seyfried as the heroine.

Seyfried already worked with Niccol in 2011 for the film, “ In Time.”

In the movie, Owen suspects the young woman, Seyfried, without the digital footprint, and it is not known to the police.

At that point, he finds out that it is not the end of the crime, but its beginning.

It is fascinating to watch the thriller story, which is directed by the right director and played by the right actors.

Hope, we will get a good thriller combination in Anon!