Twenty Years Of DDism!

Monday, January 14th, 2019

Twenty Years Of DDism!

Dhivyadharshini Dhivyadharshini is a Tamil TV show host and compe >> Read More... ,” the smart young lady, who had been ruling the TV industry for the past twenty years, had really been a blessing to Vijay TV. With her shows, a lot of people forget their sorrows and laughed. With her shows, many people got an opportunity to step into a new life that ensured them success. With her shows, many people had great fun! Being Vijay TV’s senior anchor, she ruled the hearts of the people for the past twenty years. Here is DD’s Letter of gratitude: "Don't know where to start as my heart is filled with thankfulness. At the tender age of 13, I walked into the hands of Vijay television for an audition and just like that I stayed there till date. I have been a part of many celebrations for many people and I always thought it was my duty to make it the most memorable one for them but I feel different to be at the receiving end this time. This 20 years has been an incredible journey of ups and downs and sustaining. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank God Almighty and the entire Vijay TV family, film fraternity, TV fraternity, friends and seniors of press and social media, Pros, who loved me as your own and my biggest thanks goes out to all the mothers fathers brothers and sisters who have shared your time and love on me in person through letters, Orkut, Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for owning me from then to now. Your love is enough for me to go another 20 years and promise to entertain you in this next phase of my life.

Forever thankful


DD Neelakandan"