‘Gender Barrier Should Not Be There': Maya Of ‘Jinn’

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

‘Gender Barrier Should Not Be There': Maya Of ‘Jinn’

It is not a new thing that well educated personalities enter into the tinsel world. A new addition is Dr. ' Maya' of movie ‘Jinn’, a pretty and confident looking youngster. Maya says that there should not be a gender bias or barrier to enter into the movie world. She pledges to be a ‘Performer’; rather than a glamorous alternative, I would like to do family charming roles. The charming little actress takes a break for her passion from her profession. She says “Being a first generation actor in my family, it is challenging for me in the cinema industry”.

She dreams to be an art in ' A R Murugadoss' movies soon.' Kalpana' of Ghajini is my inspiration. Ever since then, I had become an ardent fan of ' Suriya Sivakumar' sir. My wildest dream is to be paired opposite him.

' Genelia DSouza' being her role model in her life, the actress makes a positive approach in taking up her career in this industry. Genelia had actually played a typical teenage girl in all her films. That is how many teenage girls are. I remember well during my student days, many used to emulate Genelia. I have been hearing scripts and I’m looking in for the best to work. My experience in the shoot of 'Jinn' was more or less like the movie itself. Since my co-artists ' Kaali Venkat', ' Arjunan', ' Johnny Hari', and 'Munishkanth' were basically comedians; they were always into their elements. They are the emerging stars in the comedy circle and 'Jinn' will see their complete talent in combined force. It was horror, since all the 33 days I was shot on pitch dark chilly nights at a remote place in Ooty. The Heroes, the debutant ' Rameez Raja' and ' Kalaiyarasan Harikrishnan' of ' Madras ' fame were very friendly and cooperative too. The most interesting episode of this shooting was once I received a call, while I was in the shooting spot from an unknown number complaining about tooth ache. I asked who you are and how do you know my number. The other end was only laughing in a horrifying tone. When I persisted to know more on the actual problem, that voice continued in a shivering tone 'I am not able to bite anybody's throat with this tooth. I am a vampire… ‘Blood thirsty vampire' she concluded.

I screamed out in fear and ran here and there. I was shivering in fright and had fever too. Later I realized that it was a prank played by my co actors ‘Dr. Maya flashed with an infectious smile’.

The film ‘Jinn’ was directed by ' Sathish Chandrasekaran', a debutant; with the help of his old time memories. The story is about a group of friends travelling to a hill-station and experiencing horror-comedy in due course. The film is under final stages of shooting as learned from the sources. To add horror quotient, the film was picturised in a two hundred years old bungalow where ' M G Ramachandran' and ' Rajinikanth' were also visited and done their hits, adds the source.