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It's hard to predict human behavior. They keep changing based on circumstances. They hold back their true nature and pretend to be someone else. This story focuses on the lives of one such couple, Bunny and Shefali. Bunny's family is not a liberal one. He likes to grow a beard. He even proudly informs his mom that his beard will be with him till the grave. But Shefali makes him shave the beard. She behaves dominantly towards Bunny. She makes him feel like a puppet who works on her demands. The man who cherished spending every day with her is now frightened of spending time with her. Each day with her turns into his nightmare. He starts lying to his parents and leads a miserable life. Her mood swings trouble him a lot. He works hard to stop her from doing something they both regret. Will he successfully bring her back to her old self, or will he get struck by the misery? That becomes the plot of the story. 


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Payal Rajput Punjabi TV-Actress
DOB: 30 July 1990
Payal Rajput
Sargun Mehta Punjabi Movie Actress
DOB: 6 September 1988
Sargun Mehta
Jassi Gill Punjabi Singer
DOB: 26 November 1988
Jassi Gill
Jasmine Sandlas Punjabi Song Writer
DOB: 1 February 1990
Jasmine Sandlas
Guru Randhawa Punjabi Singer
DOB: 30 August 1991
Guru Randhawa