Top 10 Telugu Sad Songs Telugu Article

 Tollywood movies have different elements in their scenes. They have a lot of action, dance, romance, and emotion. The emotions in Telugu films touches everyone’s, heart. Some Telugu songs are very emotional, and every word makes us cry and keeps us engrossed into the movie. So here are the top 10 Telugu sad songs which are worth listening.

1-Oke Oka Mata

Oke Oka Mata is from Chakram. Starring Asin and Prabhas, this song brings out a lot of emotions in a person, and one can relate to the song. A beautiful romantic song which is acted out well by the actors. The song is still a hit today.


2-Ee GaaliEe Vela

Beautiful Song from the film Sirivennela. The artist is Vidhyullatha. It is a heart touching song. The song is from the 80s with beautiful melody and rhythm. It has meaningful lyrics which make you relate to it more.


3-Orikey Ala


A romantic drama movie, OrikeyAla is an emotional song. When trying to impress one girl, the hero realizes he still feels for his ex-lover and when he tells this to the girl this song plays. It is from the film Majnu which was released in 2016. It was quite a hit among the people.



4-Prema Pusene

From the movie Premam, a touchy song which will make anyone cry. Shruti Hassan and Naga Chaitanya Naga Chaitanya is a Telugu actor and he is into th >> Read More... Naga Chaitanya have performed their roles very well. This song is played after Shruti Hassan meets with an accident and doesn’t recognize Naga. The words in the song will melt anyone’s heart.


5-Vanda Devulle


A 2016 film which tore everyone up. From Bichagadu, Vanda Devulle is a song between a mother and son. When a mother meets with an accident, her son tries his best to make her well, but everything fails. This song is worth listening.


6-Anu Anu

Another 2016 hit, from the film SrirastuSubhamastu.A lovely romantic song which shows the chemistry between the two characters. The music is given by Thaman and also is sung by him. This song was stuck in everyone’s mind when it was released and is a hit among youngsters.

7-Ye Maya Na Kavitha

This was a Tamil film which was dubbed and released as PriyuraluPilichindi. This movie received a lot of love from the audience.Chitra and Srinivas sang the song and music was given by the talented singer AR Rahman. Ye Maya Na Kavithawas so emotional that it was one of the saddest and emotional song and it topped the list.

8-Em Cheppanu

EmCheppanu is a sad song from the film NenuSailaja. The entire film talks about love. When the hero saw the girl he loves getting married, he starts talking about love, and that is when this song plays. A heart touching song.

9- Nannaku Prematho Click to look into! >> Read More... Nannaku Prematho

NannakuPrematho is a film of a son getting revenge for his father. But when the father is on his deathbed and tells his boys about everything, this touchy song is heard, which is the title track of the film. The emotions are brought out in the best way, which make the viewer cry.


Most of the 2016 movies came out with tracks that were emotional and heart breaking. Vellipomakey is another 2016 song which breaks the heart upon hearing it. In the film when Chinna and Leela go on a road trip, and they meet with an accident, that’s when this song is played. The artist is Sri Sriram, and every word of this blockbuster hit gives Goosebumps.