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Top 10 Telugu Movies With The Best Costume Design

Author: Harshi Chuttani
Top 10 Telugu Movies With The Best Costume Design Telugu Article

Every production, irrespective of the industry, is insufficient without the work of some stellar designers, but the Telugu film industry, widely acclaimed for its period dramas, could not have come so far in its journey if not for its talent in the field of ensemble. The communication between the audience and the movie starts in its very first stages in the poster, of which costumes are the most essential part because they become a brand statement of the film even before the population has clicked on its trailer. Below are listed Tollywood films, some popular, others not so much, that use the art of costumes to draw their viewership in and keep them captivated from the beginning till the end credits.

1. Baahubali

This is a film that needs no introduction. One of the main aspects of Baahubali’s production was the vast amount spent on the costumes to make the scenes look realistic in accordance to the era the film is set in. Without the help of some truly visionary costume designers, the movie probably wouldn’t have gained as much popularity as it did.

2. Sita Ramam

The costumes might seem unimportant when it comes to this movie, but they not only give the audience the feel of the age in which the characters were living but also relay the simplicity of two people in love. It also presents to the viewers the occupational and economic status of our two protagonists.

3. Shaakuntalam

A freshly released mytho-romance period drama directed by Gunasekhar, this film managed to snag an award for its costume design at the renowned Cannes. From the poster itself, one can notice Samantha looking angelic in her white attire. The costumes also convey the essential mystical aura of the entire film.


4. Magadheera

This is a film directed by S.S. Rajamouli and starring Ram Charan Ram Charan is a famous Tollywood actor and an entr >> Read More... Ram Charan so it was bound to be the epic it turned out to be. Rajamouli sir is exceptionally famous for the attention to detail he puts in all aspects of his films. This one was no exception. The costumes were an enormous contribution to the success of this movie, in all their dark glory.


5. RRR

It is impossible not to mention this movie when talking about the Telugu film industry. A production cannot receive the distinction of an Oscar if their costumes are not on-point, and one need only see the trailer to understand that the costumes utilized in a particular scene are enough to decide its energy before the dialogue even starts.


6. Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy

Narrating the story of Emperor Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy of Rayalaseema (played by Chiranjeevi) during the Sepoy Mutiny, this film is known all over the country simply by its costume designs, which infuses the audience with a sense of anticipation and non-verbally tells them to buckle up for a thrilling ride.


7. Radhe Shyam Radhe Shyama is a Kannada tv serial which is about >> Read More... Radhe Shyam

A captivating story starring everyone’s favorite Prabhas and Pooja Hegde Pooja hegde was the second runner up at miss unive >> Read More... Pooja Hegde , this movie’s costumes will immediately make you swoon because they are as beautiful as the story of pure, innocent love. The designers for this production created magic with their vision, with simply their costumes holding the power to transport you to a world where everything is ideal.


8. Sardar Papa Rayudu

While not known by many, this film released in the 1980s deserves inclusion in this list because of the modernity they have incorporated in their costumes while depicting the story of a revolutionary. The fantastic star cast, including Sridevi and Sarada, only brought out the lure of an already well-planned wardrobe!


9. Rudhramadevi

This is one of the most influential movies made by the Telugu industry. It portrays the story of a princess raised to be her father’s heir in a time when female successors were primarily discredited by the general public. The costumes in this movie are a perfect combination of regality and femininity. They also display the strength womenkind possesses even in their feminine apparel.

10. Sri Chilkur Balaji

A highly underrated creation of Tollywood, this film follows the journey of an aesthetic man as he heads toward the path of spirituality. The costume design for this production was honored with the Nandi Award in 2016. The clothing chosen by the experts in this movie will make you feel like you were teleported back to the Vedic Ages.