10 Telugu Movies That Celebrate The Bond Between Siblings

10 Telugu Movies That Celebrate The Bond Between Siblings Telugu Article

Movies that celebrate the pure bond existing between siblings are always close to our hearts. The Telugu film industry has produced many hits in this particular genre and has won over the audience over the years. Let us look at some of the movies which have received the public’s undivided attention and become superhits in the industry by portraying the love between Siblings.

1. Hitler

In this film, super Star Chiranjeevi is portrayed as the brother of five sisters. The mother of Madhav (Chiranjeevi) and his five sisters died while they were very little. Their father was sentenced to prison for killing their mother. The narrative continues as Madhav defends his sisters from neighbourhood youth, for which he will be compared to Hitler. Later, his sister begins to despise him for being such a devoted protector and leaves him alone. The bad guys take advantage of the situation to attack Madhav and abduct his defenseless sisters. After Madhav saves them, his sisters beg for forgiveness for opposing him. Everything works out successfully.


2. Rakta Sambandham

In the drama film Rakta Sambandham (Blood Relation), Raju (NTR), and Radha (Savitri) play cherishing siblings. The story centers around Raju's rise to wealth and Radha's divorce from her spouse. Living with his sister is where Raju finally discovers what true happiness is. In a heartbreaking movie, the siblings band together and pass away together. 

3. Annavaram

A classic brother and sister relationship narrative is Annavaram. Varam (Sandhya) and Annavarm ( Pawan Kalyan Pawan needs no introduction to South Indian people >> Read More... Pawan Kalyan ) are very close siblings. Shiva Balaji, who resides in Hyderabad, marries Varam. Varam becomes pregnant as the plot develops, and Narasimha ( Venu Madhav Venu Madhav is a well-known comedian in Tollywood. >> Read More... Venu Madhav ), a friend of Annavaram, is assassinated by a thug who earlier threatened Shiva Balaji with killing his canteen company. By the time Varam gives birth to a boy, Annavaram has taken on the responsibility of removing goons and making Hyderabad a clean city.


4. Annayya

Rajaram (Chiranjeevi) has his brother kicked out of his house due to their misbehavior on their marriage evening. However, his love for his two brothers makes him sell his property in order to land them a good job. Unaware of the fact, they once insult him, and later on, getting to know the truth, go back to him to apologize. They even buy back his property, and they happily reunite.


5. Rakhi

Rakhi is a tale of a man taking retribution on other males for bothering women. In terms of the storyline, Rakhi (Jr.NTR) values his sister Gayathri (Manjusha) above all else. She is wed to a working software developer. For more dowry, the rapacious in-laws burn her to death. Rakhi, who is devastated by this, kills harassers of women. He finally assassinates the ministers who killed the friend of his sister in court.


6. Soggade Chinni Nayana Click to look into! >> Read More... Soggade Chinni Nayana

Soggade Chinni Nayana, a family-friendly film starring Nagarjuna and Ramya Krishnan Ramya Krishnan is a South Indian movie and TV actr >> Read More... Ramya Krishnan , shows the affection between a brother and a sister. In order to settle family disputes and reconcile with his loved ones, a guy travels back to his birthplace after passing away in the movie.


7.  Ye Maaya Chesave Love is the most beautiful feeling. It is the emot >> Read More... Ye Maaya Chesave

Even now, Maya Chesave is recognized more for its remarkable romance than for the relationship between its brother(s) and sister(s). There are two sets of siblings with very different personalities: Karthik and Anupama ( Naga Chaitanya Naga Chaitanya is a Telugu actor and he is into th >> Read More... Naga Chaitanya and Trisha Alex) and Jessie and Jerry (Samantha and Sudheer Babu Sudheer Babu is an Indian actor working in the Tel >> Read More... Sudheer Babu ). With Jerry constantly attempting to dominate her sister and picking pointless fights with Karthik, the Jessie-Jerry equation provides nothing novel to viewers. It should come as no surprise that the Karthik-Anupama equation is a more intriguing sibling duo. Without making any overt attempts to show their affection for one another, they are quite casual and laid back when they are with one another. In fact, Anupama supports Karthik when his relationship with Jessie deteriorates.


8. Okkadu

In the movie, Mahesh, who is cast as Ajay Varma Ajay Varma is an Indian-Actor who works in the Tel >> Read More... Ajay Varma , plays Niharika's older brother, who is portrayed as Asha. Ajay and Asha are cordial siblings who take every chance to pick up a fight. They argue incessantly over the most trivial of things, whether it is over pocket money, living space, or even a plate of puris at supper. The scene in which Mahesh Babu Born on 9 August 1975 in Chennai, Mahesh Ghattaman >> Read More... Mahesh Babu forcibly ejects his sister and his group of friends from his room is the most well-known exchange between the brothers.


9. Puttintiki Ra Chelli

Sivanna and Lakshmi are siblings whose parents died when they were kids. Since then, Sivanna has taken care of his sister. When she falls in love with Ajay, he marries her off to him. However, Ajay’s family soon starts torturing her and tries to create misunderstandings between the couple. Sivanna then sets out on a mission to find proof of Lakshmi’s innocence.

10. Arjun

In this tale, which takes place against the backdrop of Madurai, Mahesh Babu, and Keerthi Reddy Keerthi Reddy was always drawn towards cinema and >> Read More... Keerthi Reddy portray the characters of siblings Arjun and Meenakshi. Arjun and Meenakshi are non-identical twins, which is an intriguing fact that strengthens their bond. While Mahesh Babu, the protector brother, emerges in Arjun's second half, the first half is where the sibling relationship is depicted in a lighthearted manner. The sister has her own voice and speaks to her brother about her deepest emotions without any reluctance. Once Meenakshi marries, however, things start to go south.