10 Best Movies Of Kollywood Tamil Article

Tamil cinema or Kollywood has produced several wonderful films and it is very difficult to choose, and cherry pick 10 best movies from the lot. The team at Nett4u tries to pick top 10 movies of Tamil cinema based on their IMDB ratings, popularity, originality and its impact on the cinema industry.

1. Anbe Sivam

The most under-appreciated movie when it was released. It is a pretty simple story with limited characters and emotions. But, the vivid performances of stars like Kamal Haasan and ‘ R Madhavan’, along with the dialogues of Madan makes this movie among the best of Tamil cinema.

2. Thalapathy

This is another gangster movie, but this time with the performances of ‘ Rajinikanth’, ‘ Mammootty’ and Arvind Swamy. Brilliant background music combined with extraordinary performances makes this movie a legend of its own kind.

3. " Nayagan"

It is the Indian version of the movie "The Godfather". Based on a true story and directed by Mani Ratnam, the movie talks about the coming, growth and the painful exit of the patriarch of a mafia.

4. Thevar Magan

This is one of those movies that was nominated to the Oscars. Two best actors of Tamil cinema, Kamal Haasan and Sivaji Ganesan backed by strong performances from actors such as ' Nassar' made this movie an epic saga.

5. Baashaa

This movie made the star, a superstar. The best cameo ever from Rajinikanth in his lineup of successive super hits. This is probably the best movie for most of the Rajinikanth fans.

6. Thani Oruvan

This is probably the first movie of Tamil cinema where the audience would have loved the on-screen presence of the villain. Hosting Arvind Swamy as a political villain in a fast paced cop movie and a brilliant storyline makes this movie very fond for the audience.

7. Kannathil Muthamittal

A story based on Tamil issues in Sri Lanka, directed by Mani Ratnam. Huge credits should be given for the team for the way they handled the story without instigating any political response. This movie proved to be a hit backed by the excellent storyline and intense performances of stars including R Madhavan, Prakash Raj, and ' Simran'.

8. Thiruvilaiyadal

The best actor of Tamil cinema, Sivaji Ganesan mixed with gigantic mythological stories and brilliant direction. The movie won several awards and was considered as a milestone of Tamil cinema. The movie included several mind-blowing songs and brilliant comedy of ' Nagesh'.

9. Aaranya Kaandam

This movie could very well be described as Kollywood’s answer to Quentin Tarantino. An action filled drama on two mafia gangs operating in the city. A pretty racy screenplay and an unexpected climax make this one a must-watch for the audience.

10. Muhammad bin Tughluq

This film is a classic political satire, as early as in 1971. Mohd. Bin Tughlaq was an epic in it’s own sense and is an evidence of the old school comedy of ‘ Cho Ramaswamy’. The tombs of Tughlaq and his commander were unearthed, and they both come alive and mimic the present day politicians of the South.