Top 10 Malayalam Movies With Twisted Ending

Top 10 Malayalam Movies With Twisted Ending Malayalam Article

Usually films follow a straight and maintained course throughout the narration and each one us know, as to where it is heading to. And on the other end, there are a handful of movies which leave us baffled by its share of unexpected twists and turns.

Here’s a list of Malayalam movies which has taken a steep deviation as the film proceeds towards the climax and has left an imprint in the minds of the audience.

1. Drishyam(2013)

A thriller movie released in the year 2013, crafted and put together by Jeethu Joseph, having Mohanlal, Asha Sarath and Kalabhavan Shajon playing pivotal roles and earning a groping 750 million in the box office. And the credit to this huge success of the film goes to the strong story base, characterisation and the climax which kept the audience in the grip till the last moment.

It’s a story of struggle by this one Christian family of Georgekutty, under the suspicion of missing of Varun Prabhakar, the son of the Inspector General of Police.

The movie revolves around the struggle to protect his family from the eyes of the law for a crime they committed at the adverse situation, by enacting a fabricated set of events. The twist is just unfolded at the end leaving the whole of the audience dumbstruck.

2. Mumbai Police (2013)

A 2013 psychological crime thriller directed by Roshan Andrews starring Prithviraj, Jayasurya, and Rahman in the forefront. The film starts with ACP Mosses meeting with an accident which causes him partial memory loss and eventually losing track of his friends (Aryan Jacob’s) murderer. The whole movie revolves around this case and how he eventually get to the culprit. The ample twists and turns in this crafty are revealing the real murderer, and when this happens, a tinge of shock just runs down your spine as it is the most unexpected of all.

3. 7th Day(2014)

7th Day is a 2014 crime thriller movie, under Syamdhar’s direction and Akhil Paul’s story. The protagonist is a 42- year- old IPS officer David Abraham who sets out to find the reason behind the unusual crime. Tovino Thomas, Vinay fort, Janani Iyer play a vital role and are all involved in the case in one or the other way. The climax is sure to pop out your eyes as the different happenings in the movie are woven together in the most unusual way, and revelation is sure to boggle your minds.

4. Sapthamashree Thaskaraha(2014)

A 2014 Comedy thriller film penned down by Anil Radhakrishnan Menon. Prithviraj, Chemban Vinod, Asif Ali, Nedumudi Venu, Sudheer Karamana, and Neeraj Madhav play the characters of seven thieves as mentioned in the title. All seven of them coming from different backgrounds and facing struggles find an easy one step solution to their problem, which is to rob. The comical twist at the end is sure to put your funny bones to work.

5. Memories(2013)

Memories is a 2013 crime thriller movie delicately woven together by Jeethu Joseph. Prithviraj, Meghna, Vijay Raghavan, Mia George play the title roles. The story revolves around Inspector Sam Alex who is a drunkard and who is being asked to investigate a series of murder which is quite unusual and cruel. The murderer who is a psychopath comes to light at the end which is the most unexpected of all the suspects. It is worth a watch as it keeps you on the edge till the end.

6. Munnariyippu(2014)

Suspense thriller movie created by cinematographer Venu and Ranjith taking the chair of a producer. The film stars Mammootty, Aparna Gopinath in the pivotal roles. The movie has a slow plot which revolves around a convict C.K.Raghavan who claims to have not committed the crime and a junior journalist who sets out to write an autobiography on this convict. The movie was a huge critical success because of the sudden twist at the end wherein you are just left spellbound.

7. Sethurama Iyer CBI(2004)

A crime cinema released in 2004 having Mammootty, Mukesh, Jagathy Sreekumar playing the lead roles. The film starts with Isow Alex, a convicted serial killer who is awaiting execution, meeting the officer just to tell him that he has killed two people and not three according to the police. A series of convicts come up, and a lot of mystery unfolds but at the end when the face of the real murderer comes, you are sure to turn speechless.

8. Run Baby Run(2012)

It’s a comedy, action thriller movie with Mohanlal and Amala Paul playing the pivotal roles. A plot which revolves around the television media houses and their frantic run behind the news. Two journalists being questioned of their credibility for a fake murder stunt that they cover to bring in forth the real face of a corrupted politician. The movie is exciting towards the end, wherein we get to see the unexpected climax and get to see action sequences.

9. Cocktail(2010)  

A thriller movie directed by Arun Kumar starred by Anoop Menon, Jayasurya, Fahadh Faasil, and Samvrutha revolves around the abduction of Ammu, the daughter of Ravi and Parvathy, a lovely couple, by Venky. And in return for their child, they are made to do a lot of weird things unlikely to asking for money. Towards the end, the suspense unfolds as to who is with Venky in this plan, and this literally shocks away the audience.

10. Innale(1990)

A movie directed by the legend Padmarajan and Shobhana, Suresh Gopi and Jayaram playing the pivotal roles. A cinema in yesteryears about Gauri who is the sole survivor of a bus accident and who loses her memory after that. Then it shifts to the love between Gauri and Sarath. But at the end, there is an unwelcomed guest who is Narendran, Gauri’s husband. The twist in the climax of this film brings tears to your eyes, and you are just left to sob for what happened in the story.