Top 10 Bollywood Films About Single Parenthood

Top 10 Bollywood Films About Single Parenthood Hindi Article

Bollywood has been exploring several genres of films depicting various forms of lives led by the people. The films show how a single parent can build their child even without a partner. The struggles, emotions, livelihood, and love of a parent are shown in the films. Here is on the list of films about single parenthood.

1. Paa

The film Paa is about a young boy named Auro, who is suffering from progeria. He lives with his mother. He does not know who his father is. He is a politician. Both meet unknowingly at a school seminar. His mother supports and loves her son. Even knowing the condition of her son before even being born, she decides to keep the baby. She is extremely strong mentally. She confronts every person who questions her son’s ability. Auro wants his parents to reconcile. His condition worsens as he ages. He dies pronouncing his last words, Maa and Paa.


2. Piku

The film Piku is about a young independent woman and her father. She lives with her father and is an architect. She loves reading books and spends much of her spare time learning. This reflects her intellectual thoughts. She is frustrated by her father’s mania about having constipation and bowel movement issues. She is interrupted by her father’s call about his concerns about his health, which he thinks is ill. They plan to travel, and after a series of emotional incidents, they become close to each other, and the father-daughter relationship improves.

3. Helicopter Eela Click to look into! >> Read More... Helicopter Eela

The film Helicopter Eela is about a single mother and her life journey. She re-joins college to complete her studies. Earlier, the film shows that she is a singer and a model who records songs written by her boyfriend. They get married and have a boy named Vivan. Later, he leaves his family and leaves and dies. As a mother, she is overprotective of her son. Even his son leaves his house to give some space to his mother and let her follow her dreams. She visits theatres. She starts singing at college and is not allowed to participate in competitions because she is older. But Vivian and his mother sing together giving her a new identity.


4. We Are Family Click to look into! >> Read More... We Are Family

The film We Are Family is about a book publisher named Maya. She is a divorcee and a mother of three. But she does not like it when her ex-husband’s girlfriend joins the family and interferes with the children. A lot of chaos is created after several incidents. Maya finds out that she is suffering from cervical cancer. She wants Shreya to take care of their children after she dies. She leaves her career and moves in with her children. Maya falls ill and Shreya takes good care of the children. They become a family. Soon Maya dies and Shreya becomes their stepmother who loves them a lot.


5. Mom

The film Mom is about a mother who fights for her daughter’s justice. Arya is her stepdaughter. She loves her and takes care as a mom. One day when Arya was returning from a party, she is brutally beaten and raped. After recovering a little, she reveals the rapists’ names. But the police do not believe her because she was drinking. The semen samples are not matching with the attackers. The rapists are relieved because the evidence is not enough. Mom decides to take the law into her hands. She one by one kills all the rapists. She is given justice.


6. Mimi

The film Mimi is about a surrogate mother. A couple from America is finding a surrogate mother as they cannot conceive. They meet a local dancer and actress named Mimi who wants her to be their surrogate. They would pay her twenty lakh rupees. She agrees as she wants money to become an actress in Mumbai. She becomes pregnant. Later she comes to know that the fetus is suffering from Down’s Syndrome. The American couple leaves them after knowing this. Mimi decides to keep and take care of the child. She becomes an unmarried single mother.


7. Nil Battey Sannata Click to look into! >> Read More... Nil Battey Sannata

The film Nil Battey Sannata is about Apu, a student who is least interested in studies. Her mother is Chanda, a school dropout. She works as a maid. She is a single mother. She hires a maths teacher for her daughter. But the daughter says she has to work as a maid too for lack of money. Chanda enrolls in the same school. She has good grades than her daughter. They finish their schooling together. The daughter improves and attends civil service exams. The mother tutors students who struggle with maths.


8. My Name Is Khan

The film My Name Is Khan is about a man named Rizwan Khan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rizwan Khan who is autistic. He leaves his family and moves to San Francisco. He meets a single mother and her son. They marry and shifts in together. Since his last name is Khan he is considered a terrorist. Due to him, the son faces several problems in school, locality, and every other place. Accidentally he is killed by a school bully. The mother breaks down. Rizwan struggles and finds his way to prove his transparency saying My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.


9. Tribhanga

The film Tribhanga is about three women of different generations, the grandmother, the mother, and the daughter. The grandmother falls ill and into a coma. Both decide to write a biography. They come closer and discuss every event in life. How single mothers can raise their children is being shown. They try to understand themselves and a bond is created among them. They reveal their insecurities and thoughts.

10. Angrezi Medium Click to look into! >> Read More... Angrezi Medium

The film Angrezi Medium is about a single father and his daughter. He is a sweet shop owner. His daughter always wanted to study abroad. He strongly supports her dreams and aspirations. She gets a good rank from her school and receives a scholarship. Due to some issues with her father being honest, his daughter’s scholarship gets canceled. They anyhow visit London. They face several issues. Later, she gives up her scholarship and comes back to India to study in the country.