Top 10 Bollywood Films Without Male Leads

Top 10 Bollywood Films Without Male Leads Hindi Article

Bollywood has been exploring several genres of films. It gives equal opportunities to both genders. Breaking the stereotypical society, the films depict that women are no less than me. Films can be made without focusing on both genders simultaneously or specifically on males. Here is the list of films without male leads.

1. Mardaani

The film Mardaani is about a woman named Shivani, a police officer in the Crime Branch CRIME BRANCH is an investigative television series >> Read More... Crime Branch . She rescues women from criminals. With her team, she saves an orphan girl from her uncle and starts looking after her. She finds that the little girl Pyaari is missing again and finds that the kidnapper is involved in child trafficking. They decide to assault her. They send her finger to Shivani and threaten her. She continues her investigation. She even changes her identity when required. She finds Pyaari. She saves her and other girls from the prostitute.


2. Neerja

The film Neerja is based on a real incident of a hijacked plane. It is about an air hostess who saved most of the passengers and crew members. Neerja always wanted to be an air hostess. Previously she was a model. She is unhappy with her arranged marriage. Because she gave less dowry and lacked household working skills. She left and got a job at Pan Am Airways. The plane starts from Bombay and lands in Karachi. Four terrorists there, hijack the plane. She gives priority to saving others. She gets shot and dies. The terrorists are killed. She is awarded with the Ashoka Chakra.

3. Queen

The film Queen is about a woman named Rani, whose marriage breaks and discovers her life. Her fiancé breaks up the day before their marriage considering her to be conservative when he moves abroad. She leaves for her honeymoon alone to Paris and Amsterdam. She meets another woman there. They tour the city. She dances and drinks there. She enjoys the adventure. She experiences many events. She becomes independent.


4. Parched

The film Parched is about the story of four women who suffer injustice from society. One of them named Rani is a widow who is struggling to support her old mother-in-law and only son Gulab. To follow the rules of society, Gulab married a child bride. He is rebellious. Bijli supports Rani who is an erotic dancer. Rani finds that her son has stolen her savings. She has to sell her house to pay the debts. She suggests her daughter-in-law study. Later, she along with her friends run away from the village to lead a better life.


5. English Vinglish Click to look into! >> Read More... English Vinglish

The film English Vinglish is a story of a housewife who has a home business of making and selling laddoos. She is invited to her sister’s daughter’s wedding in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York . She goes early to help her sister and later her family would join her. She is mocked by her husband and her daughter because she cannot speak English. So, in New York, she plans to join spoken English classes using the money she made from selling laddoos. In class, she earns everyone’s love with her charm and cooking skills. She finally learns English, to everyone’s surprise, and delivers a speech at the wedding.


6. Kahaani

Vidya the protagonist of the film Kahaani is pregnant and returns from London to Kolkata. She is searching for her missing husband with the help of Inspector Rana. She says he worked with NDC and later found, he resembled someone else. They continue the investigation and uncover several truths. Later, it is revealed that Vidya is the widow of Major Arup Basu, who was killed in a poison gas attack, caused by the killer of the head of NDC at the Kolkata Metro Rail compartment. When Vidya sees her husband's corpse, she faints and suffers a miscarriage.


7. Mary Kom Click to look into! >> Read More... Mary Kom

The film Mary Kom is about the Indian boxer Mangte Chungeijang Kom. She wants to play boxing but her father does not approve of her. So, without informing her father she visits the gym. Later her father supports her after a match. She gets married against her coach’s wish. She gets pregnant and gives up boxing. She applies for a government job but does not want to work as a police constable. She again continues playing and wins the championship. She is given the nickname Magnificent Mary.


8. Angry Indian Goddesses Click to look into! >> Read More... Angry Indian Goddesses

The film Angry Indian Goddesses is about a group of girls and their lives. Freida, a fashion photographer is getting married. She invites her friends. They are Bollywood singers, businesswomen, an activist, and an aspiring actress. They go to Goa for a bachelorette party. They gossip about many topics and get close to each other. They are strong. When they are harassed, they fight back. They share their dreams and desires. One of them is found raped and dead. The police insult the group. One of them shoots the rapists. They show the worth of women.


9. Margarita With A Straw

The film Margarita With A Straw is about a girl who is suffering from cerebral palsy. She wants to be a writer. She even composes music for her university band. She is rejected by the singer when she proposes to him. She receives a scholarship and moves to New York. There she falls in love with a female activist. She is confused about her sexual orientation. She finally tells her mother that she is bisexual. She faces several stereotypical problems which she overcomes. Her mother is the only one who supports her till the end.

10. Lipstick Under My Burkha

The film Lipstick Under My Burkha is about a widow named Usha who is known as Buaji. Rehana lives in the same area. She sews Burkha for her family store. At college, she takes off her Burkha and wears lipstick. Leela is a beautician and an entrepreneur. She also wants to travel. Shireen is a housewife and mother who wears Burkha. She has to get multiple secret abortions because her husband avoids contraceptives.  Their lives are shown in this film which deals with several trouble and overcomes them. They desire freedom.