Top 10 Bollywood Award Shows We Eagerly Wait For

Top 10 Bollywood Award Shows We Eagerly Wait For Hindi Article

Award shows are the award giving ceremonies for the excellence in cinematic achievements of Indian cinemas followed by various dance performances of superstars. Every award show has a different presentation, jury members, and awards. The red carpet and comedy element is the best thing people look forward.

1) Filmfare Awards


The Filmfare Awards are established in 1954, presented by The Times Group and sponsored by Filmfare. The awards are in association with Sony Entertainment Television network since 2000. These awards are like the Oscars for the Hindi film industry. It has four categories under which awards are given; Critics’ awards, Technical awards, Merit awards and Special Jury awards for the excellence in Hindi cinema.

2) IIFA Awards


International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA), established in 2000, presented by International Indian Film Academy and produced by Wizcraft International. They are presented annually to honor professionals of artistic and technical excellence in Bollywood and Indian Film Industry. It has three categories; Popular awards, Special Jury awards and Technical awards.

3) Stardust Awards Actors and Technicians spend a lot of time in prep >> Read More... Stardust Awards


It was established in 2003, sponsored by Stardust magazine. The awards are given to honor best in the film industry. The categories are Readers’ Choice, Editors’ Choice and Lifetime Achievement categories. It has various special awards like Style Icon of the Year, Star of the Century, Exciting New Face and Millennium awards.

4) Screen Awards


The Screen Awards (previously known as Star Screen Awards) established in 1995. It is given to professionals for their excellence in the film industry. The categories are Critic’s Awards, Popular Choice Awards, Technical Awards and Special Awards


5) Zee Cine Awards


Zee Cine Awards or ZCA are established in 1998, presented by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. They were held in Mumbai till 2004 and went international after 2005 onwards. The categories are Jury’s Choice, Viewer’s Choice and Technical awards.

6) STAR Guild Awards


STAR Guild Awards (initially known as Apsara Film & Television Producers Guild Awards) are established in 2004, produced by Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and originated by filmmaker Amit Khanna Amit Khanna is very well talented small screen act >> Read More... Amit Khanna . It has categories including Merit awards, Technical awards and Special awards in both film and television separately.

7) GIMA Awards

The Global Indian Music Awards (GIMA) established in 2010, presented by Global Indian Music Academy to honor Indian music. The awards provide a platform to recognize Indian music and musical talents. It is given to both film and non-film categories.

8) TOIFA Awards

The Times of India Film Awards (TOIFA) were established in 2013, and presented by the Times of India. It has categories for Acting, Music, Critics’ and Technical awards in the film industry. It happened twice till now, 1st in Canada and 2nd in Dubai.

9) Big STAR Entertainment Awards

It was established in 2010, presented by Reliance Broadcast Network Limited in association with Star Plus. It is known as India’s first ever people’s award. It is given to honor personalities from movies, television, sports, music and dance.

10) Mirchi Music Awards

It Is established in 2009, presented by Radio Mirchi to honor best film music. It is given to both artistic and technical excellence professionals. It has categories including Critics’ awards, Listeners’ Choice awards and Technical awards.