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Rajniti Tak –Trending Hindi News Channel  Hindi Article

Rajniti Tak is one of the latest Hindi News Channels that operate on digital media. Their news website was launched in 2020. Rajniti Tak was started to share the right news at the right time to the public. The channel is keen on giving essential information to the public and they check the facts before updating it on the site. They provide the latest information about sports, education, telecom information and current affairs. Rajniti Tak owns a YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. People can get in touch with them through RajnitiTaknews on these social networking pages. Rajniti Tak’s slogan is Sach Ki Awaz - which means The Voice of Truth. Rajniti Tak is headquartered in Noida in Uttar Pradesh.

Rajniti Tak delivers the latest information to the public in various forms and they are:

Khabar Jordar: The main motto of this show is to provide the main news of the day. After enough fact checks through various analyses, Rajniti Tak uniquely presents the news.

Talk to Netaji: Interviews with leaders are the specialty of the Talk to Netaji segment. The leaders who had been beneficially serving the society and followed a unique path in politics are interviewed. Five questions are shoot out to the leaders along with a rapid-fire segment.

Hysteropedia: This segment has a lot of useful information from the past. The channel collects references from the past that influenced the public. This program helps people to recall history.

 Rashi Vigyan: Astrology is one of the trending things and in Rashi Vigyan, Rajniti Tak speaks about the science behind astrology. Acharya Sunit Shukla is the show’s host. Through this program, Rajniti Tak invites the viewers and discuss astrology and get their doubts cleared through social media platforms.

News Update: This section has different news across the nation. Breaking News, viral videos, latest updates, etc., are published.

Rajniti Tak is founded by Ashutosh Mishra. The co-founders are Vikas Rathore and Brijesh Sharma. Besides these people, ten more people are working on the channel to provide news to the public at the right time. 

Ashutosh Mishra (Founder)

FB: AshutoshIND11

Vikas Rathore (Co-founder)

FB: vikashsinghrathore01

Brijesh Sharma (Co-founder)

FB: thebrijeshsharma

Rajniti Tak Website : rajnititak.in
News Page FB: Rajnititaknews
Instagram: rajnititaknews
Youtube: RajnitiTakNews